Galactic Garbage Station



After graduating from Su Shi University, Su Jing was in a bad mood and went back to his hometown to adjust his mood. However, he discovered that his own backyard had become the Galactic Garbage Station. Every day a large amount of trash is deposited into his backyard. Some came from the Tomb of God, Battle Through the Heavens, Coiling Dragon, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man, and other novels, animes, and Marvel universes. As the owner of the garbage station, Su Jing has the obligation to deal with this Garbage. At first, he thought it was a hard and unprofitable task, but he discovered that he has found the most beautiful and cushy job in the world.




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  1. Kinda boring for now, I hoped there would be more trash in the first few chapters.. (only 5 chapters are out as of this comment)

  2. Great concept for a novel but terrible execution. Very obvious but subtle arrogance of mc, not that smart of a character. Being given gift from heavens and is showing of so much that in real life IT WOULD GET ATTENTION.

    • Black tech internet cafe system. About a guy that is reborn in a cultivation world and gets a shop and system that lets him rent virtual reality games to people. The skills and abilities in the games can be learned. Leveling up in the game increases cultivation speed

    • i remember it’s still in uukashu chinese website without any MTL webiste picking it up but it’s called “I Pick Up Corpse in Anime” as it’s Google Translate name

  3. Thank you for translating this story, I really enjoyed it and hope to see this get a bit more exposure. This does get frustrating to read at times but it’s a short story and fun enough to binge read.

    Sigh. I still think it’s better then Fishing Myriad Heavens or Monster Pet Evolution. I fear it might even be better then Pet King since at least the romance was conclusive here. (Pet King has no romance despite the teases and PK despite good it’s even slower and more nonsensical then this story that’s why i said i fear that possibility since I really love Pet King and don’t want it to end like that)

  4. July 25, 2021

    I finished reading the latest translated update which is chapter 689. I’m hungry for more chapters. It’s definitely good story. Not boring, has lots of funny parts.

    The story is not over exaggerated, nice romance, nice plot line. I’ll probably go on and read this in the raw since I want more.

    The comments I saw below/above me are 1 and 2 years ago, I wonder if there are others reading this now. Pls leave you response and appreciation for the author and translator. That would surely make them happy.

    Thanks for the translator who pick this novel.

    – RipeApricot


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