GGS-Chapter 28 Three corpses

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It’s no wonder that Su Jing was scared by what appeared under the fallen leaves. It was a pale face like a paper with long black hair. His eyes were so big that he looked like he was dead. Under the moonlight, he looked extraordinarily penetrating.

“Fuck, Scared me to death.”

Su Jing patted his chest with a sigh of relief and sweated all over his body.

In the middle of the night, I wanted to find treasures in the garbage, but suddenly I found a head, which was ten times more terrible than watching ghost movies.

Su Jing took a few deep breaths, reluctantly calmed his heart, picked up a stick and went up to pick up the garbage. If it was in the wild, Su Jing would leave it alone. But it was in his backyard. Su Jing had to muster up his courage to deal with it. As the garbage was picked up, the whole body gradually emerged. This was a handsome young man with long hair and ancient clothes. It should not be a modern man.

The young man was covered with knife wounds and sword wounds. He had a wound that directly broke his chest. It should be his fatal wound. Obviously, the young man should have been killed and then thrown or hidden in the garbage dump. Su Jing quickly searched through the garbage and found two more bodies, they were the same as the young man, killed by a sword, as well as dead.

“Really, corpses are considered garbage. Doesn’t that bother the dead?”

Su Jing was so depressed as he had never killed a man himself and he had to do something to destroy these bodies.

He had to deal with the three corpses and he had to deal with them carefully. Otherwise, in case they were found, they would not be washed out. After all, it was impossible to explain that the corpse had come from a different time and space. If he was caught for it, He would be left in an unexplainable situation.

“By the way, these people are well-dressed that are made of precious silk. They don’t look like ordinary people. Let’s see if they have any gold and silver treasures on them.” Su Jing did not dare to approach the corpse at all, but now he had to deal with the corpses. Unfortunately, he searched the three corpses all over and did not even find a dime. They seemed to take nothing but a suit of clothes.

Su Jing didn’t feel that such a noble person in clothes didn’t even have anything of value on him. He thought it was the murderer who killed them and took away all the valuable things. It seemed that the murderer has taken away everything.

“I can only dispose of these three bodies first.”

Su Jing didn’t want the three bodies to stay in their backyard for any large amount of time, he had to get rid of them quickly, or else he wouldn’t be safe.

However, as a good citizen of his own country, he knew in theory about destroying or hiding the remains of corpses, from the TV series and movies, it seems that the most popular is to dig and bury, the more ferocious is to divide the corpses.

“Should I throw them into the sea to feed the fish or dig a hole to bury them?”

When he thinks about it, he can only think of two seemingly feasible ways. One is to throw them into the sea to feed the fish and the other is to dig a hole and bury them. This is the seaside. It’s easy to throw them into the sea to feed the fish. A little Magical Beast meat can even attract sharks and eat the body completely. But Su Jing doesn’t want to pollute the ocean, let alone eat the fish that has eaten human flesh, so he has to bury it.

Su Jing thought of a good place, a mountain a few kilometers away from Su Family Village, called the Zhutou Mountain, which has not been exploited. There are many tombs of Su Family ancestors on it. Even in recent years, some people have buried coffins there. Although cremation is now advocated, the village is not so strict.

Su Jing found three sacks and began to put three bodies in them.

When the second body was fitted, the man’s boots fell to the ground and made a clear noise.

“Huh? Strange, isn’t this leather boot? How could it make such a crisp sound?

Su Jing felt that something was strange. He picks up the boots and shakes them hard. He finds that there is a slight camouflage on them. After searching inside the shoes for a while, he prizes out the insoles and finds that there is a partition in them. Su Jing mutters as he thought that it was only to increase the height.

Inside the compartment, there is a jade card engraved with animals the size of flies, which is vivid.

This piece of jade is as warm and moist as congealed fat. It’s seemed ordinary at first sight. Fortunately, it was hidden in boots. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have found them.

“This jade card looks very simple. Is it a magic weapon from legend?”

Su Jing’s heart suddenly jumped and some fantasies began to fly.

If it was an item from the earth, he would not be so interusted, but it was an item from different time and space and the three men dressed like ancient swordsmen and were killed by swords. It might be from a world of magic and it is not surprising that magic weapon exists in that world.

Su Jing cut his finger and squeezed out a drop of blood and dropped it on the jade card, Ignoring his foolish behavior.

Under his sight, this drop of blood fell on the surface of the jade card. Su Jing’s mind disappeared as his mind seemed to be integrated into the card. The jade medal seemed to become a part of his body.

With a sudden movement of mind, the whole jade card was suspended in the air.

“My God, it’s a magic weapon. It’s developed this time.”

Su Jing was so ecstatic that under the wave of his mind, the jade card fell from the air and he quickly reached for it.

Su Jing fumbled for a while but was depressed to find that although the jade card seemed to recognize its owner by blood, it seemed to have no other function except to suspend slightly. It has no attack, storage, and defense function.

“I will find out later, I will deal with these bodies first.”

Su Jing searched three bodies again, paying particular attention to boots, but unfortunately, he did not find anything of value.

He loaded three bodies into sacks and drove his uncle’s home electric tricycle, carrying three bodies to Zhutou Mountain. He was frightened to be found all the way. Fortunately, it was four o’clock in the morning. No one was found along the way. After carrying three bodies to Zhutou Mountain, he dug open a pit and buried them. It only took one hour to dig and bury them because of his great strength and endurance.

After that, he hurried away and put the tricycle back to uncle’s home and went home.

Su Jing was not in the mood to pay attention to the pile of rubbish left in the courtyard and he covered it with black plastic and then he pulled out the jade card. He carefully studied it. Although he did not find any magical function, he was able to suspend it. It should be a magical weapon that can be suspended in the air and he indulges in this activity for two hours and he even forgot to eat breakfast.

It was not until more than eight o’clock in the morning when a truck stopped at the door and Zhu Jianhua and Liu Rin arrived with a car of Cats and Dogs that Su Jing had to stop studying the Jade Card and go out to meet them.