GGS-Chapter 11 New Trash

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After Shen Hong bought the red sandalwoods and Cats and Dog, he left with glamorous beauty and the tall young man.

Before leaving, he left his business card with Su Jing. He was in a good mood. He was only looking for the lost animal. Now, not only did he find it, but he also got new ones accidentally. How can he be upset?

After Su Jing sent Shen Hong away, he took a bath and changed his clothes and went back to his uncle’s home with Zhao Mengxiang and Su Yan for a lobster dinner. Zhao Mengxiang talked to Su Zhenhong about how Su Jing earned more than 100,000 yuan in the afternoon. Su Zhenhong was shocked and praised him.

“Why only one lobster?” After the meal was served, Su Jing was puzzled to see that there was only one lobster.

“It will hurt if you eat more then one. So I didn’t cook the second one. Tomorrow my seafood shop will open and I will use it as a signature dish.” Su Zhenhong said.

“Alright.” Su Jing was speechless as he was promised a cooked lobster. In the end, he only got one which was not enough for all of them to eat. However, his uncle’s family are used to frugality so he may get seriously sick if he cooked the second one.

As for Uncle’s plan to run a seafood store, Su Jing has heard about it for a long time and agrees with it very much. First, more and more tourists are coming to the beach every day. Second, Uncle’s good cooking skills are wasted like this. But Su Jing didn’t know that the opening time was tomorrow. Tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. There will be a lot more tourists, so it’s a good day.

After dinner, it was almost seven o’clock, but because it was summer, the sky was not completely dark, so he went all the way home without a flashlight.

Su Jing thought to himself that in the rubbish, the remaining rotten wood could be burned as firewood and the broken stone and porcelain fragments had to be disposed of. After his own observation and Shen Hong’s appraisal, they should be rubbish. There was no need to keep them.

“How to process them…”

A tractor passed by him and It belong to a man in the village.

Su Jing suddenly thought something and waved and shouted: “Uncle Ying, wait a minute.”

Su Zhenying quickly pulled up the clutch and braked, stopped the tractor, and asked, “A’Jing, what’s the matter?”

“Where are you going to transport the soil?” Su Jing pointed to the soil on the back of the tractor.

“Old Ya’s new home, the land is a lot lower and needs to be filled.” Su Zhenying smiled and said.

“I have a few tons of crushed stone in my backyard and I don’t need it so do you want it?” Su Jing said.

“Okay, the broken stone pieces can fill the space more solidly. After I transport this load, I will go to your house. “Su Zhenying nodded and said as the place where he transported the dirt from was much farther than Su Jing’s home. It saved a lot of fuel and time to transport dirt directly from Su Jing’s home. Naturally, he was willing to do so.

Su Zhenying took the dirt from the tractor and drove to Su Jing’s house in an empty car in a few minutes. He saw pieces of broken stone and porcelain piled up in the backyard. It was strange how they came into being. Su Jing explained that he had intended to do the porcelain business and had accidentally broken it.

Su Zhenying didn’t think much about it. Together, they loaded the tractor with gravel and chinaware fragments.

“Uncle Ying, are you familiar with the builders who renovate the house?” Su Jing lent Su Zhenying a cigarette during the break.

“Of course, I deal with them all day.” Su Zhenying nodded.

“Then could you ask them to help me repair the old house and raise the backyard fence a little bit?” Su Jing asks, of course, he can invite people himself but the people his Uncle knows are more reliable and their price will be fair. Although he has earned more than 100,000 yuan, it is far from enough to make everything ready as he wanted.

“Your house really needs to be repaired, I’ll call Old Zhang for you. What do you want to tell him about the building materials…”

“Uncle Ying, please deliver the materials. Don’t cut the cost of your car.” Su Jing knew that Su Zhenying was mainly engaged in the transportation of building materials, which was equivalent to handing over a business to him.

“Well, then I won’t be polite to you. I’ll contact Old Zhang later.” Su Zhenying patted Su Jing on the shoulder. He appreciated Su Jing very much. He thought that it was very difficult to go to university. When he came back, he built his old house. He must have made a lot of money outside. But if Su Jing knew what he thought, he would be ashamed that he earned only a little more than 10,000 yuan at work.

Su Zhenying transported the broken stone pieces and the backyard was empty again.

Su Jing first looked at the Magical Beast meat in the big barrels and confirmed that it was in good condition.

He couldn’t help himself as he went out to buy a few jin of beef, not to eat it, but to learn how to make jerky and preserve the Magical Beast meat with soy sauce. It was just a way to solve an urgent problem. It could only be kept for two to three months, not for a long time. If possible, Su Jing hopes to keep some of the Magical Beast meat as long as possible for later use. So he plans to make jerky first, then he will store it in vacuum packaging, then he will buy refrigerators for storage. As for adding preservatives and so on, it is absolutely unnecessary. If he damages the meat of Magical Beast, he will lose it.

Su Jing is reluctant to waste the Magical Beast meat, so he has to experiment with beef and pork first. Although he can ask for information, he has not tried it himself, there are always some problems in the beginning. As for asking professionals, Su Jing would not even think about it. The Magical Beast meat is too magical and it is better not to let outsiders touch it.

That night, Su Jing practiced the process of making the jerky and when he recognized that he can do it without damaging ant meat, it was already ten o’clock in the evening. Su Jing is not completely prepared. He didn’t plan to prepare the Magical Beast meat at night, so he slept early.

At three or four in the morning, the sound of the rumble in the sky came as expected and a large amount of garbage poured down from the vortex in the air.

Su Jing was woken up and got up all at once, he wore no clothes or shoes as he ran straight to the backyard.

Enjoying the benefits of garbage from different time and space, Su Jing has already changed from hating the garbage from different time and space to looking forward to it. He has earned more than 100,000 yuan for himself in the afternoon. Who wouldn’t like it?


The garbage poured down and directly overwhelmed the three trees, which was at least twice as large as the last time.

The vortex disappeared and the garbage no longer fell.

“Hey, there is no voice in the air this time.”

Su Jing was not anxious to ignore the garbage in the yard. Instead, he looked up at the sky and wanted to know who put the garbage into the yard. Was it the legendary Galactic Manager? To his disappointment, however, there was no comment from the beginning to the end.

Su Jing didn’t continue to struggle. Anyway, he couldn’t figure it out. He looked down at the garbage and glanced at it roughly. The first feeling was that it was messy, much messier than the garbage that had dropped last time.

This is obviously not the garbage of the Coiling Dragon world, because there is a long gun, like a weapon used during the War of Resistance Against Japan. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how long it has been soaked in the water. It’s rusty and rotten. It must be a waste. In addition, there are rotten cloth, weeds, decayed ship boards, masts, rusty iron and so on.

“Oh, this is…”

Su Jing opened the garbage dump and saw a mossy Turquoise object. At first, he thought it was a big stone. But when he opened all the garbage and revealed the whole picture, he found that it seemed to be a shell, a huge spiral shell. He estimated that he could only hold it with his hands open.

Su Jing also found that its mouth seemed to have been fitted into a door, he reached for it and opened it. At the moment of opening, a hot air gushed out, as if it were cooking something inside.

Su Jing was surprised that the garbage around was cold and the surface of the shell was not hot. It was not scientific that there should be hot air coming out of the shell.