GGS-Chapter 24 Comes Cloudy

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After the negotiation, Zhu Jianhua proposed to go to lunch together and he wished the cooperation a smooth one.

Su Jing, Zhu Jianhua, Liu Rin, and Shen Jiayao walked out of the hall and were surrounded by some pet contest spectators and several media. They were asking Su Jing about the Dragon Li Cat. Some people still wanted to buy it, but Su Jing sent them out with the phrase “My Cat has been handed over to the perfect Pet Paradise.”

The only thing that makes Su Jing wonder is that Zhao Jun, like a dog skin ointment, has followed them. Moreover, he volunteered to choose a Western restaurant. Su Jing and Zhu Jianhua did not know any good restaurants and Shan Jiayao agreed as well, so they agreed to eat there.

Just as they stepped out of Pet Paradise, a car suddenly stopped in front of them. A man and a woman got out of the car. When the beautiful girl saw Su Jing, she was greatly relieved and complained, “Su Jing, I finally found you. Why do you always hang up on me?”

“Hey, what are you looking for?” Su Jing glanced at the beautiful girl, Lin Cai’er, one of the apprentices of the foodie Zhou Xian. Su Jing couldn’t help but wonder. Su Jing couldn’t help wondering what the reason was for their teacher and apprentices to come to the Great Seafood Restaurant for two or three days. They had come to eat Su Jing dishes but they did not find him.

“Mr. Wang looking for you.” Lin Cai’er pointed to the middle-aged man in his suit who was slightly fat.

“Mr. Su, hello.” Mr. Wang politely reached out with his hand.

“Mr. Wang, hello.” Su Jing shook hands with the other hand.

“Mr. Su, can we find a place to talk?” Mr. Wang asked.

“This… I’m going to have dinner with my friends. If you’re not in a hurry, I’ll talk about it later. Su Jing is somewhat confused about Lin Cai’er’s relationship with this Mr. Wang and he was even more confused about Mr. Wang’s purpose.

“That…” Mr. Wang obviously didn’t want to delay his matters but looking at Zhu Jianhua, Liu Rin and others, it was not a good idea to impose himself on others gathering.

“If you don’t like this, then let’s go to lunch together and you can talk after we finished eating.” Zhu Jianhua suggested.

“If you don’t mind, I’d love to.” Mr. Wang nodded and Su Jing, Liu Rin and Shen Jiayao all said they didn’t mind. They went to a western restaurant introduced by Zhao Jun, which was only one or two kilometers away from the perfect Pet Paradise.

This restaurant has a high style, luxurious decoration, clean and sanitary, polite waiters, and the overall feeling is very good.

After everyone sat down, they ordered one or two dishes and started to eat. It must be said that Mr. Wang’s participation inevitably made the atmosphere a little awkward. After all, Shen Jiayao had nothing to do with Mr. Wang and neither of them intended to talk to each other.

“This gentleman.” Just then, a male waiter came to Su Jing.

“Is there something?” Su Jing wondered.

“I’m sorry, you have to dress properly to eat in this restaurant.” The waiter said.

“You mean, I don’t dress properly?” Su Jing frowned.

“Yes, so please leave.” The waiter continued. He used a polite word but his tone was far from being polite. This has caused many well-dressed people around to turn around and look scornful at Su Jing, who is wearing jeans and T-shirts.

“How can it be inappropriate?.” Zhu Jianhua was angry.

“Don’t be so impulsive. Calm down.” Su Jing spoke calmly, pressing Zhu Jianhua’s shoulder and pushing him back to his seat, glancing at the waiter and Zhao Jun, who watched this scene with a scornful look on his face and he suddenly understood everything. It’s not incomprehensible to say that the restaurant requires formal dress, but it’s unreasonable for the waiter not to stop him when he was at the door and wait until he’s seated and ordered his meal before driving away.

It seems that this restaurant’s staff is deliberately trying to embarrass him. There is no intersection between him and this restaurant before. There is no reason for them to deliberately harass him. The only possibility is Zhao Jun. What a good trick.

“Since they won’t let us stay, let’s go.” Su Jing gently capped the pepper bottle, put it on the table, and stood up.

“Let’s go then.” Mr. Wang put down his fork and did not eat the steak in front of him and stood up.

“This is wrong.” Zhu Jianhua said with a sullen face.

“Ha-ha, some people can’t even dress properly, Coming with you disgraced us all.” Zhao Jun, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly sneered at him coldly.

“Some people dress like dogs, but they’re just rats in human form.” Su Jing responded faintly, flicking his finger under the table and a small piece of something fell precisely into Zhao Jun’s pocket.

“Well, the dog can’t spit out his ivory.” Zhao Jun snorted coldly.

“Let’s go, Zhao Jun. Don’t follow me anymore.” Shen Jiayao is quite clever and she had already guessed that this situation is made by Zhao Jun. She stood up and left with Su Jing, Zhu Jianhua, Liu Rin, Mr. Wang, and Lin Cai’er. Zhao Jun did not get up and laughed at Su Jing’s departure.

“This is my business card, give it to your boss.” When he passed the waiter, Mr. Wang stuffed a business card in the waiter’s hand. The waiter was stunned and looked at the back of Mr. Wang and Su Jing. He hesitated for a moment and finally took this business card to his boss. When he entered the office, he saw Boss Li who was between 40 or 50 years old and he was sitting in an office chair, He said something to his secretary who was a woman that caused the said women to giggle.

“Boss.” The waiter respectfully said.

“Did you kicked out the kid?” Boss Li asked.

“Yes.” The male waiter nodded.

“Go and invite Young Master Zhou in and serve the dishes and drinks.” Boss Li waved.

“Yes.” The waiter nodded and handed the card given by Mr. Wang to Boss Li. “Boss, one of the men with that boy gave this business card to me, saying it was for you.”

“Don’t just accept anyone’s business card.” Boss Li exclaimed, but still subconsciously glanced at his business card. First, he was stunned, then suddenly stood up, his eyes wide open and his face shocked. “What about this gentleman? Is he still outside?”

“He has already left.” The waiter’s reaction to the boss was very strange.

“Go…left? You…you just said that he was with the kid, so he was also driven away by you?” Boss Li’s face quickly sweated and his face held traces of fear on it.

“He followed the boy.” The waiter realized that something was wrong and his voice became smaller.

“Pop” Boss Li slapped the waiter in the face and shouted, “Are you an idiot and blind? How can you let him leave? You want to kill me?”

The waiter’s face was green and red and he almost couldn’t help shouting at his Boss. Didn’t you tell me to hurry, but he finally swallowed the words back into his stomach.

Boss Li rushed out and wanted to see if he could catch up, but Mr. Wang and Su Jing and others had long gone by car.

“Boss Li, what are you so panicky about?” Zhao Jun wondered.

“Young Master Zhou, you really killed me this time.” Boss Li cried but he couldn’t blame anyone else. He had invited Mr. Wang several times in the past and when that person finally came to his restaurant he chased him out and the other party did not even demand to meet with him. He settled his account and left a business card, which means that the other party will remember this matter, which means that he caused a big disaster.

“What’s wrong with you?” Zhao Jun is baffled.

“Ah!” Just then, at a window position in the dining room, a girl screamed in a high decibel, followed by many screams. Zhao Jun and Boss Li turned to look.

A large group of mice were rushing into the dining room.

Some of them quickly climbed up to the seat where Su Jing had just been sitting and they crazily rushed towards Zhao Jun.

Looking at this strange and disgusting scene, Zhao Jun and Boss Li were stunned for a second.