GGS-Chapter 7 The First Pot Of Gold

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On the coast, Su Liang, Shi Yun, and others came back earlier than Su Jing.

Su Liang, Su Xiaolin, and others had smiles on their faces. They dragged their net bags onto the shore and put them on the shore. The lively fish immediately aroused everyone’s alarm. Among them, yellow croaker, blackhead seabream, Pomfret, and some miscellaneous fish which weighs more than 100 jin, it could be regarded as a big harvest. Even without Boss Zhao’s high-priced acquisition, they would have made a profit in ordinary times. After all, they did not go out to sea but fished in small boats off the coast.

The Shi Family fishing boat was slightly unlucky and caught a bunch of miscellaneous fish. But when Shi Yun came up, everyone was amazed. He only had a bamboo basket with him, but there were several crabs, abalones and lobsters, all of which were high-end goods. The total value added up, though not as good as Su Family’s whole fishing boat, was not far behind.

“Oh, you have a big harvest.” Boss Zhao was holding his belly and came towards them with a hot woman.

“Boss Zhao, these are all fresh, are you satisfied?” Su Liang laughed.

“Very satisfied, these large croakers, Pomfret, crab, lobster, etc., I take all at the highest price in the market, as for other miscellaneous fish, I do not want to.” Boss Zhao said.

“Thank you, Boss Zhao.” Su Liang and Su Xiaolin were very happy. Today they can earn a lot for their hard work. The Shi Family side is also happy, Boss Zhao apparently has a big appetite and has taken away all the fish they caught.

“Look, the boy finally came up.” Suddenly a voice rang in the crowd.

When they looked out at the sea they saw Su Jing stumbled ashore, looking anxious as if he had met a shark. In fact, Su Jing should be glad that Magical Beast meat attracts tuna rather than sharks. Otherwise, he really does not know if he would be alive or not. He made up his mind that he could not use Magical Beast meat so messily in the future.

When Su Jing arrived on the shore, people could see the fish in the net bag and they were all shocked.

“Wow, is that a dozen lobsters? Am I not mistaken?”

“A lot of Portunidae and they are big.”

“Is that big fish a tuna? Can tuna also be caught in net bags?

Su Liang, Shi Yun, Shi Qing, Zhao Mengxiang, etc., had their chin fall to the ground in shock.

Shi Yun, who was previously stunned by Su Jing, was completely stunned again and had nothing to say.

Shi Yun caught a few crabs which were no bigger than his fists and five lobsters with two being the largest. The dozens or twenty Portunidaes in Su Jing’s net bag were at least palm-sized. More than a dozen lobsters weighted more than one jin or two. The most incredible thing is that the tuna, one of the fastest fishes in the sea, did he go directly to the sea to catch it?

“A’Jing, how did you catch this tuna? My God, It will weight at least sixty or seventy jin.” Su Liang and Su Xiaolin came forward to help pull up the net bag and looked at the tuna. They could not recover from the shock for a long time.

“Oh, my luck is good today, A large group of tuna came, and one of them hit my net bag by mistake.” Su Jing laughed.

“This luck is too good.” Su Liang, Su Xiaolin, and others are envious, they also had a good harvest but it is nothing compared to Su Jing. They just don’t know if Su Jing’s Magic Beast meat hadn’t attracted a lot of fish to this side, resulting in a denser fish population, they would not have had such a good harvest.

“My uncle is very good. You caught the biggest fish.” Su Yan clapped her hands and laughed happily, but the tuna was too big for her to touch or even approach. She could only push Zhao Mengxiang forward and hide behind her and peep.

“Young man, will you sell me this tuna?” Boss Zhao came up, his eyes glittering with a gold light.

“What price do you have?” Su Jing asked.

“Um… Twelve thousand.” Boss Zhao looked at the tuna for a while and then said, The people around him sucked in a cold breathe. A fish actually sold for more than 10,000. That is to say, Su Jing earns more than 10,000 Yuan. It’s just a collection of money.”

“OK, close the deal. Other lobsters, crabs and croakers will be sold to you.” Su Jing nodded and said, if it was a bluefin tuna, Su Jing would not sell it for twelve thousand Yuan, but it was yellowfin and the price was quite high.

“Well, I want it all.” Boss Zhao said and laughed. Su Jing’s Portunidae lobsters were so large that there was no reason for him to not buy them. He also gave his business card to Su Jing. “I’m Jinyu Restaurant’s boss. If you catch any good fish later. Please remember to contact me.” This time I bought it for myself and some friends, so the price is very high. I will not bid so high in the future, but I will not give you anything lower than the market price.

It suddenly dawned on everyone that he was the owner of a big restaurant. No wonder he was so generous.

When this account was settled, Su Family earns 2 or 3,000 yuan and each person can get several hundred yuan. Su Jing is the only one who earned 15,000 yuan, which stimulates more people to go to sea for some fishes and even some tourists were eager to try.

After Boss Zhao paid, he sent people to transport the fish. Most of them were stored in ice. Otherwise, some of them might have died before they were sent back. A few of them with strong vitality were brought away by sea water.

“A’Jing, let’s go back, your uncle should have steamed the lobster,” said Zhao Mengxiang.

“Go back without me, I will take a shower and change my clothes first.” Su Jing lifted the barrel of fish. It was only a few jins of fishes. Boss Zhao didn’t want it, so he had to take it back.

“OK, it’s on the way anyway.” Zhao Mengxiang picked up Su Jing’s clothes and took Su Yan’s small hand.

Su Jing turned to look at Shi Qing, she was talking to a girl in the village.

Su Jing looked down at his wet body, hesitated for a moment, he went back to the village with Zhao Mengxiang, Su Liang, Su Xiaolin, and others. What he did not know was that when he had just turned around and left, Shi-Qing turned to look at him.

On the way home, he met the villagers and they praised Su Jing one by one.

“A’Jing, I heard that you earned more than 10,000 yuan.”

“Good boy, great.”

“Come out with us next time, so that we can see what you can do.”

Su Jing can only modestly say that this was just a stroke of good luck.

He walked a little longer and separated from Su Liang and Su Xiaolin. When he got home, he heard two loud dogs calling in the distance. He could see a few people standing at his door. The two dogs were fighting together. One was Su Jing’s native dog, the other was the mighty Tibetan mastiff, which looked like a little lion.

Faced with Tibetan mastiff, called Oriental God Dog, who is twice the size of his body, the native dog is happy and fearless. Although he has been bruised all over, he became braver and began to attack more fiercely. Suddenly, he pushed Tibetan mastiff to the ground and bit his sharp teeth on Tibetan mastiff’s neck.

“Stop that.” As Su Jing shouted, he walked up quickly. It was not clear what the situation was. He could not let the native dog bite the dog of other people’s house. Otherwise, he would be in trouble if he had to pay for it. At Su Jing’s words, the native dog immediately released its mouth, but he still pressed the Tibetan mastiff down.

“Come here.” Su Jing yelled again, Native dog let Tibetan mastiff go. He ran to Su Jing’s feet and rubbed his head against Su Jing’s legs. He spits out his tongue and behaved.

“You… You… What kind of dog is this in your family? Several people seemed stuttered by the fighting power of the native dog.

“What, it’s just a native dog!” Su Jing shrugged his shoulders as if he had not realized that it was strange for a native dog to defeat a Tibetan mastiff and asked, “Who are you, and what are you doing at my door?”