GGS-Chapter 2 Garbage from Coiling Dragon World

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Su Jing walks into the backyard and looks at the garbage in front of him, He is a little stunned.

Most of the garbage dumps are gravel, chinaware, wood… Although the carvings on them are somewhat different, there is nothing to be surprised at. What really makes Su Jing foolish is the small half of the huge beast’s corpse.

It lay in the garbage dump, with black hair and a boar-like head but it was as big as an elephant and its two long tusks. Under its chest, its viscera and hind limbs were gone, as if it had been eaten by some beast. Su Jing likes to see people and nature. He knows all kinds of wildlife animals well, but he doesn’t know this beast. He dares to say that it’s definitely not a creature from the earth.

“Fuck, what’s going on here? If the voice of the sky is true then that is to say that this garbage comes from a different time and space, those bastards actually treat my backyard as Garbage Station? Did they ask for my consent? This half wild boar weight at least two hundred kilos and the other garbage is at least a few tons. What should I do about it? Su Jing wanted to cry but no tears came. If he can, he really wants to curse those voices in the sky.

Su Jing was half depressed and suddenly squatted down in the garbage dump to look at it. He remembered a sentence: Garbage may be a treasure that is put in the wrong place. Maybe some of the garbage can be picked up and sold for money, even if it can’t be sold for any money, so long as the garbage is collected, he will be more relaxed. But to his disappointment, most of them were broken stone, chinaware, and wood, and no valuable piece was collected.

“Oh, this is…”

Su Jing suddenly picked up a piece of paper with the drawing of a young man on it.

This is a brush sketch and the level of the painting is not high, next is a line that was written by a brush: my idol – Linley Baruch.

Su Jing’s brain was short-circuited for a second and then the corners of his eyes suddenly twitched twice.

Linley Baruch, wasn’t he the protagonist of the Coiling Dragon novel?

Are these garbage from Coiling Dragon space-time? Is this huge wild boar is a Magical Beast?

Su Jing’s eyes lit up and he carefully dug through the garbage again. If Linley’s work was in the garbage, it would be great. Linley is Sculpture Grandmaster. His stone sculpture “Awakening From the Dream” sold for a high price of 12 million gold coins. If Delia had not given Ceaser a note and let him give it up, the final auction price would be more than that. Linley’s stone carvings, even fragments, should be of great value.

Su Jing picked up pieces of gravel and examined them carefully. His face grew dark.

Even amateurs will see that the level of the sculpture is really poor, it is uneven, crooked and it almost looks like a painting done by a three-year-old child, this cannot be Linley’s work, He estimated that this is the wasted material from Linley’s starting days.

“Yes, if Linley carved it, even if it was broken, it would not be treated like garbage. I really fantasize about it.” Su Jing sighed helplessly as he turned the garbage dump over and found nothing that seemed valuable.

Su Jing suddenly heard several catcalls, he looked down and saw three kittens coming. One of them stood beside the wild boar and bit on the wound of the boar’s stomach, biting a piece of meat and chewing hard.

“Hey, don’t mess around.” Su Jing quickly squatted down and hugged the kitten away, let alone say whether such a small cat could eat meat. The wild boar was probably a Magical Beast. God knows what would happen if someone ate it.

But Su Jing was a little late. The cat he was holding had swallowed the meat in his mouth and seemed addicted to it. He struggled to meow and yell, trying to jump back to the boar. The other two kittens joined in to bite.

“Everyone says that cats eat fish. Why do you guys like this meat?” Su Jing was speechless and he hurried away three kittens. At this time, a fierce cat barked was heard and the mother cat rushed at Su Jing, presumably thinking that Su Jing was going to hurt her child.

“Really, it is quite fierce, Su Jing quickly stepped back and admired the mother cat. Generally, cats would not dare to attack humans even if they protect their pups. After all, for cats, humans are huge.

The Mother cat shielded the three kittens behind her, she raised her hairs and roared at Su Jing. Su Jing stepped back five meters, only then the cat’s hair gradually relaxed. The three kittens, unaware of the danger, took the opportunity to eat the boar meat.*

Mother cat watches Su Jing vigilantly and tears off a large piece of wild boar meat, she used the wild boar meat to trick her children into following her and returns to the house. Obviously, this house has become their own home, whereas Su Jing is a foreign invader.

“No matter, don’t blame me for having diarrhea.” Su Jing saw that mother cat was too aggressive and had no intention of stopping it. Otherwise, he would be scratched or he would hurt the cat by accident. That would be tragic. Now he can only pray for the cats.

“This wild boar is probably a Magical Beast and I don’t know if it’s okay to eat it. Let’s dismember it and put it on first. If I can eat it, even if it is sold at ordinary wild boar meat, I can sell it for a lot of money. Even at four yuan per piece, two hundred kilos will sail for a lot. These wood can be used for burning. These pieces of broken stone and porcelain can only be transported by car to fill a pit or pave the road. After Su Jing had planned, he began to dismember wild boars.

It took nearly two hours for Su Jing to dismember the wild boar completely and pack it in plastic bags. A bag of about 5 pounds was packed and there were forty such bags, which made Su Jing’s backache and almost want to quit. As for the two tusks of wild boar, they were collected by Su Jing.

Su Jing was trying to lie down on the grass for a rest. He glanced at the grass and almost jumped up in horror.

Su Jing’s Knife Skill is not so good, so when he dismembered the wild boars, it is inevitable that the ground was covered with meat droplets, which attract a variety of insects, mantis, grasshoppers, ants crawling around, looking very exaggerated.

Suddenly, a group of swallows flew out of the house, fell down and ate the insects and began to peck at the meat scraps, eating very happily and some of them returned to their nests with meat bits, which should be used to feed little swallow.

“Woof Woof…”

Two dogs came in from the hole on the side of the yard. One of them was a Border Collie dog, he was black and white, with a red bandage tied to his body. He limped and was weak and dull. His eyes were so dull that he could fall down at any time. The other was a dirty, thin and bony native dog, who looked as if he had not eaten in a long time and looked like a wild dog.

As soon as border collie came in, he began to lick the meat scraps on the ground. The Native dog was even more domineering. He shouted to scare the swallows away and gobbled the bits of meat up, totally ignoring the fact that even grass had been swallowed.

Su Jing was shocked to see the spectacular competition among animals.

He began to realize that this Magical Beast meat is not very simple.