GGS-Chapter 26 This is unscientific

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“Mr. Su, who cooks this dish, is a chef and not a doctor. How can he take the pulse?” Wang Zhuo explained.

“Since he is not a doctor, what qualifications does he have for diet therapy? I don’t despise chefs, but there are specialists in the field. Diet therapy is strictly a medicine skill and not a cooking skill. He should at least have a face-to-face talk with me about what to eat and what not to eat. He should have asked me first. Otherwise, even if his cooking skills are good enough, the wrong food is useless. “Liu Wei, a middle-aged doctor, complained.

The so-called diet therapy is the use of food that affects all aspects of the body’s functions so that it can obtain health or prevent disease.

But not just get some nutrients, even if it is a diet therapy, they must supplement the anorexia according to the patient body needs, otherwise, it will be harmful. For example, some people consciously suffer from a physical deficiency, and they often use tonic drugs such as ginseng wine, milkvetch root nagaimo soup, ginseng root powder to supplement them. Unexpectedly, such things will benefit the Yin-deficient people (pale, frightened, low fever, night sweating, sweating, etc.). Thirst, reddish tongue, less moss, insomnia, and more dreams) is not available, but the use of Yin and Jin consumption, making the anorexia shape heavier.

That is to say, the most important thing in diet therapy is to eat the right food, not to cook it well.

Anorexia in children is a disorder of digestive function and they cannot eat disorderly, otherwise, it may lead to vomiting or diarrhea.

“Little Rui ate fish porridge cooked by Mr. Su yesterday and he seemed a lot healthier. Other chefs cooked fish porridge with yellow croaker, but Little Rui still couldn’t eat it.” Wang Zhuo explained that although he knew Liu Wei was a first-class doctor and he was worried for his son, the fact was that the hospital’s medical skills seemed to be no better than a bowl of porridge.

“Oh? Liu Wei was stunned. There was a trace of suspicion on his face. The porridge was so delicious that anorexia ceased to exist for that time, he pointed to Wang Zhuo’s lunch box and said, “Let’s see what he cooked first.”

Liu Wei is not completely unreasonable. If the other person cooks it is suitable for eating, they can try it.

After all, on the premise of choosing the right ingredients, good cooking is really helpful, at least to increase appetite.

Wang Zhuoyi opened the lunch box and it immediately sent out a burst of meat fragrance. Wang Zhuo and Liu Wei swallowed their saliva immediately. The middle-aged woman sitting beside the bed also came up and asked in surprise, “What did Mr. Su cook? It’s too fragrant.”

When they looked into the lunch box, they saw a small bowl of steamed pork, tender yellow in color and decorated with scallions.

“No, Little Rui can’t eat greasy food.” Liu Wei immediately shook his head but he had to admit that the bowl of meat was too fragrant, but it was not suitable for an anorexia patient.

“That Mr. Su doesn’t even know the most basic things.” The middle-aged beauty frowned slightly.

“I will call and ask him.” Wang Zhuo was somewhat puzzled. He didn’t ask Su Jing what to cook beforehand, because Su Jing talked about diet therapy. He must have understood better than himself. In order not to disperse the heat, he didn’t open it all the way. So now he knew it was pork. He thought it was still porridge.

“Hello, Mr. Su.” After the call, Wang Zhuo remained polite.

“Well, Mr. Wang, did your son eat it?” Su Jing asked.

“Not yet, Why did Mr. Su prepare pork instead of porridge? It’s too greasy for my son to eat.” Wang Zhuo smiled bitterly.

“Who said that he can’t eat it?” Su Jing smiled and asked.

“The doctor said that and he also said diet therapy is medical science and you have to ask him about the food.” Wang Zhuo answered Su Jing and remained silent, not to mention anorexia. Generally, people can’t eat greasy food with cold and fever. Shouldn’t it be common sense?

“The so-called diet therapy is to treat something first and then to start the therapy. What diet therapy can I cook for your son when he eats nothing? I believe that the bowl of meat is good for your son. Believe it or not, it’s up to you.” Su Jing pretended to say something and then hung up the phone. Magical Beast’s meat is amazing. He knows that after eating it, his body looks like it had gone through a rebirth. How difficult is it to regulate digestive function? But if Wang Zhuo doesn’t believe it, then he doesn’t want to say more. Wasting two or three pieces of Magical Beast meat already has already left some pain in his heart and he is too lazy to waste his tongue.

“Eat first, treat later.” Wang Zhuo muttered to himself and looked at the boy in the hospital bed. “Little Rui, do you want to eat this bowl of meat?”

In fact, his worries are superfluous, because his son Wang Rui who was half-asleep before got awakened by the fragrance. Now his mouth is salivating as he looks at the lunch box and nods. In fact, from his point of view, he can not see what is inside the lunch box, but the fragrance is enough to attract him.

“Mr. Wang, if you really give your son this bowl of meat, I’m not responsible for any problems.” Liu Wei frowned.

“You don’t have to be responsible, I will bear it.” ” Wang Zhuo’s tone is indifferent. In fact, today he observed Su Jing a lot. When he was driven away from the western restaurant, Su Jing’s indifferent attitude gave him a lot of good feelings. Intuitively, he felt that Su Jing was a very good person. Moreover, if this bowl of meat really makes my son vomit or have diarrhea, it’s not much of a big deal. It’s not once or twice anyway. On the contrary, if it really helps, as Su Jing said, it may solve a big problem.

“Little Rui, take a small bite first.” Wang Zhuo took a small piece and handed it to Wang Rui’s mouth. Wang Rui bit it and ate it three or two times. It was not that he wanted to eat fast, but it was too delicious to resist.

“I want more.” Wang Rui couldn’t wait to grab the lunch box, but Wang Zhuo didn’t give it to him. He still took a small bite to feed it and watched Wang Rui. Until Wang Rui ate all the meat in the lunch box, there was still nothing wrong with him and he seemed a lot better.

“Dad, I still want to eat.” Wang Rui licked his lips.

“Ha-ha, can’t eat too much at a time, can we have dinner again?” Wang Zhuo and the middle-aged woman looked at each other and smiled. They touched their son’s head with indulgence and looked at his son’s long-lost eating and smiling face. They were very gratified.

Nevertheless, they were afraid to relax and take care of him. Liu Wei stayed and was always ready to rescue Liu Rui. But after several hours, Wang Rui not only did not show any anorexia symptoms but also became more and more energetic and even got out of bed.

“Mom, I’m hungry. Can I have an apple?” Wang Rui picked up a big red apple on the plate.

“Of course.” The middle-aged woman’s eyes brightened.

Wang Rui grabbed the apple and ate it while reading the cartoon. He soon ate most of it.

“Dr. Liu, what do you think?” Wang Zhuo asked Liu Wei.

“This…this…this is not scientific!” Looking at the eating Wang Rui, Liu Wei was stunned.