GGS-Chapter 19 Truth

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There were feathers and a few drops of blood on the ground inside the basket.

With a single look, he realized that a bird must have died in here.

It seems that the missing birds are not flying away but they were eaten after getting killed.

Su Jing’s first suspects are cats because cats like to catch small animals like mice and birds and then hide them before eating. If they were killed by dogs or golden eagle, he would not find their remains in the basket.

“I have to find out who is so greedy, or the rest of the birds are in danger.”

Su Jing glanced at Little Dragon Li Cat and other animals and quietly watered the vines before returning to the house and hiding behind the window and watching every move in the backyard.

I have to say that it is interesting to observe small animals like this occasionally. When there is no owner nearby, many animals will be unscrupulous, naughty and lovely.

Of course, Su Jing focused on the birds, who were flying happily around the branches, over the yard, and back. As they flew over the heads of two little Dragon Li Cats, both Dragon Li Cats jumped up and held out their claws to catch the birds.

Su Jing squinted and wondered if the killer was Dragon Li Cat.

He saw the two Dragon Li Cats jumping one meter high, their athletic ability was better than that of ordinary cats. They were like two clouded leopards. However, they were still small and lacking hunting experience and failed to grasp the perfect timing. They not only failed to catch the flexible bird, but they also lost their balance in the air, but a cat’s balance ability is not that bad as they were able to steadily land on the ground

“It looks like these two little guys can’t even catch the birds, they can’t be the killer.”

Su Jing continued to observe the birds that seemed to be completely idle, flying almost to every corner of the yard, they went towards the dogs, parrots and golden eagle. Because of Su Jing’s lessons, the golden eagle did not hurt the birds. However, it seemed that the birds had annoyed him as he flew high into the sky, instantly turning into a black spot. Su Jing was not worried about it. The golden eagle flew out every day. Each animal would go out to play, but they always come back.

Su Jing was somewhat puzzled. Cats, dogs, golden eagle, parrots and so on are not the one who murdered and ate the birds. Were they targeted by foreign animals?

At that moment, the birds flew over the unknown vine. Su Jing didn’t pay much attention to them but he suddenly saw a vine shooting out like a snake. At the next moment, a bird falling behind was caught up and dragged into the basket.

“Is the Universe joking with me?”

Su Jing snorted, then rushed out quickly and ran to the vine.

Looking down, he saw that the vines had the bird tied up, similar to a python holding his prey and the bird was gradually crushed by the vine and the blood and mucus were sticking out of the bird and at the same time, the roots of the vine moved to swallow the bird.

“Fuck, is this a man-eating tree?”

Su Jing popped out his hand, grabbed the vine that bound the bird and broke it apart.

He felt that the strength of vine binding was still quite strong and the mucus had a certain aesthetic effect so that Su Jing’s hands were somewhat numb, the bird was still tied up, it has almost no chance for a struggle. Of course, it is limited to small animals. He estimated that cats, dogs and so on will be able to free themselves.

He doesn’t if the plant can feel the power of Su Jing. The vines quickly shrunk back and the roots of the vine also drilled back under the soil. The entire vine didn’t move anymore and looked like an ordinary plant.

“This tree is actually quite clever, it recognized someone stronger than itself and retreated. I, kittens, puppies, golden eagle, and even parrots fly over it but it did not move but when the bird flew over it, it launches an attack.”

Su Jing didn’t have time to sigh. He quickly wiped the mucus from his hands and the bird. He examined the bird’s injuries and found that it seemed that the bone had not been cut off. However, the bird was bleeding from his mouth and dying. He estimated that the bird had some serious internal injuries. The would not survive without treatment.

Su Jing quickly took out a piece of Magical Beast meat, tore it into tiny pieces and stuffed it into the beak of the bird. The bird struggled to swallow the meat, but eventually, it swallowed every single piece and regained some of his strength. In the end, it had recovered a trace of its spirit and was able to make a sound, but it could not stand up for the time being.

Su Jing fed the bird with the Magical Beast meat, then found the nest on the Loquat tree. The other birds did not wait for Su Jing to go away, but flew down and chirped around the injured birds.

“What should I do with this man-eating tree?”

Su Jing returned to the man-eating tree and looked at the innocent plant.

In fact, there are many carnivorous plants on the earth, such as cannibals, pitcher grass, catalpa algae, ear-digging grass, but they mainly rely on the taste to attract small insects, and then adhere to or rely on shrinkage to wrap their prey. Nothing on Earth is similar to the vine in front of him which can directly eat small birds.

There is no doubt that this vine must have come from the world of One Piece.

In the world of One Piece, such plants are not uncommon, especially in Boin Islands, Usopp trained on the Boin Island for 2 years. The entire island is full of carnivorous plants. This huge island itself is also a cannibal flower. Ordinary people can live for a day, and they will certainly be eaten by plants and become the nourishment of plants. After the experience, Ussop even used the seeds of various carnivorous plants directly as a superweapon.

However, this man-eating tree is amazing, but it feels really useless. He has to guard against it for it will eat small animals. Now it can only eat birds, but when it grows up, He estimated that it will eat cats, dogs, and even people.

“Or I can we wait for it to grow up and use its seeds as weapons?”

Su Jing doesn’t know if this man-eating tree seed can be shot directly at the enemy like those used by Usopp and tie up the enemy, but even if he can, he can’t use this seed indiscriminately.

Su Jing couldn’t imagine the usefulness of keeping the man-eating tree, but he was still reluctant to kill it. Firstly, he planted it himself and Secondly, it will be a pity if such a magical plant died.

Su Jing decided to keep it, but he had to guard against it and stop killing other animals. After thinking about it, he got a lot of fish and threw two at the root of the man-eating tree. In a moment, man-eating tree roots came out, caught two fish and dragged them under the soil.

Su Jing blew a whistle and the golden eagle flew down from the sky.

“In the future, you will be responsible for throwing a few fish here every day. Do you understand?” Su Jing used his actions to teach the golden eagle. He has to say that the golden eagle has become more intelligent after eating the Magical Beast meat. Su Jing only taught him a couple of times and it understood. The Golden Eagle grabbed a fish and fly over the man-eating tree, accurately throwing the fish into the basket, He knows that the Man-Eating Tree is dangerous and he instinctively avoided it.

“Really sensible.” Su Jing touched the head of the golden eagle and rewarded it with a large piece of Magical Beast meat.