APJ Chapter 416 Awakening and Collision of Speed and Future Sight

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“Burning Mochi!”

“Flame Wings!”

Katakuri’s right arm suddenly expanded, and then the mochi on his arm exploded, propelling his right fist forward.

The fist made of mochi was still spraying intense flames, like rocket boosters, imparting even more powerful force to the mochi fist. The Haki-wrapped fist, like a cannonball, created a massive explosion on the ground.


Fiery feathers rained down from the sky, and in the smoke and dust stirred by the punches, a raging sea of fire spread out. After the smoke cleared, Marco struggled to get up.

Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, the blue flames on his body continued to repair the wounds. However, he wasn’t feeling good. He could counteract the strange flames with his blue flames, but the burning sensation from those flames brought a sense of weakness to his body.

Facing Katakuri’s fierce attacks, Marco found it increasingly difficult to defend himself.

And he also seemed to be poisoned now; he couldn’t exert full strength in his limbs. While his blue flames could counteract the damage from burns, he was still affected by them.

“Poisonous fire? No, what kind of ability is this?”

In the case of poison, his blue flames could still be effective. But if they are ineffective, it must have something to do with the opponent’s flames. His own flames can regenerate, so it’s not surprising that the opponent’s flames can achieve this.

This was the effect of the Burn. Physical attacks would be weakened to some extent, and since Marco’s flames lack offensive capabilities, it was the most fatal for him.

If he were a Pokémon, despite looking like a Fire-type, in reality, he might be a Flying + Fairy support-type Pokémon.

Both opponents were in much better physical condition than him. With this situation, he had no chance of winning. It wasn’t a fight to the death, so he chose to retreat.

“You guys are impressive. I’ll let that guy be your problem.”

He wasn’t entirely convinced, considering it was a 2v1 situation. If it were one-on-one, the outcome might have been different. After Marco admitted defeat, they didn’t continue their attack.

After all, none of them wanted significant casualties over a minor character like this. Although the position of the three Emperors of the Sea is almost unshakable, there are still many challengers.

There were also many powerful remnants from the old era, and engaging in a fierce battle that results in significant casualties is not good for anyone, considering that this matter hasn’t touched upon the fundamental interests of anyone.

Moreover, since he lost to two people working together, he could still preserve his reputation.

“Hey, remove your ability. I swear on my pirate flag that I won’t participate in any further fighting.”

For pirates, this is already an official statement, especially coming from Marco, a vice captain. They place great importance on their flag.

“I can’t remove it, but with your recovery ability, you’ll heal in a while.”

She had healing potions for Burns in her hands, but she didn’t give them to him. Also, it was better if Marco temporarily remained under burn state; she couldn’t entirely trust a pirate’s word.

Although he guaranteed it in the name of the pirate flag, she still had to be on guard against Marco taking advantage when she and Katakuri were in battle, and surprise attack them.

This wasn’t a game and Burn wasn’t a permanent debuff. Athough Marco was feeling weak due to the Burn, the reduction in his strength was limited.

It was only after Marco acknowledged defeat and disappeared into the horizon on his ship that the new battle resumed.

“Pops, sorry, I lost.”

“Gurararara, it’s okay, my child. Losing to the two of them working together isn’t a big deal. You’re not injured, are you?”

“It’s a little troublesome, but nothing major.”

At this moment, the effect of the Burn was gradually diminishing, just as Shayna had said.

“Then come back. That guy isn’t worth risking your life for.”

The ship with the Whitebeard’s flag began to sail back, but the battle on the island became even more intense. At this moment, the flames behind Shayna were completely extinguished; she had abandoned her defense, pushing her speed to the limit.

During the fight with Marco just now, she kept stacking her Speed Boost state. In a one-on-one situation, Katakuri was extremely hard to deal with; his Observation Haki, which could predict the future, made Shayna’s attacks difficult to be effective.

While he couldn’t predict Shayna’s actions minutes ahead, the brief seconds still played a crucial role in their battle.

Shayna didn’t possess such a strong Observation Haki, so she had no choice but to do this, increasing the speed of her body beyond the opponent’s reaction speed.

Only by reaching a speed that Katakuri’s body couldn’t keep up with could her attacks be effective.


Katakuri’s body tore apart from the middle, then reassembled. Shayna’s Blaze Kick, enveloped in thick Haki, still didn’t hit him, but a faint burn mark appeared on Katakuri’s face.

It had grazed his cheek just now.

“So this is the limit of your speed? It’s useless. At this level, you can’t cause me harm. Surrender; I’ve won.”

Through his Future Sight, he saw that this was Shayna’s speed limit. Although Shayna’s attacks became powerful with the stacking of Swords Dance, powerful attacks were meaningless if they couldn’t hit the target.

“Humph, what a joke! This is still not enough!”

The flames symbolizing the Lunarians still didn’t ignite behind her, but the flames erupting from her wrists and ankles enveloped her entire body. Afterimages appeared behind her, and completely surrounded in flames, she once again attacked Katakuri.

Flare Blitz, the most powerful melee skill in her arsenal, was also an attack that exchanged injuries for injuries. Under the burst of Flare Blitz, her speed broke through the limit again.

“Buzz Cut Mochi!”

His Observation Haki told him he couldn’t dodge this attack. Even if he split his body, the high-temperature shockwaves from the collision would still cause damage. So, he made a new decision. After enveloping his enlarged arms in Haki, he began to spin rapidly and rushed towards Shayna.


The intense collision gave rise to a massive mushroom cloud, and both of them involuntarily retreated; both sides bearing some injuries.

Shayna had abandoned all defense, coupled with the recoil damage from Flare Blitz, her body suffered considerable damage, and a trace of blood trickled from the corners of her mouth.

Katakuri’s condition was similarly not good; the high temperature had passed through his arm and into his body. The tremendous force of impact rampaged through his body for a while before stopping.

Just as Shayna was about to resume her attack, she noticed the ground beneath her feet suddenly wriggle. Astonishingly, the two coconut trees that were originally by the shore had transformed into mochi and came crashing towards her.

Even the ground beneath her feet had turned into an ocean of mochi.

Mochi-Mochi Fruit – Awakened!

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