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Awakening is a manifestation of Devil Fruit’s ability as the user develops their ability and enhances their strength. Only a select few manage to attain the threshold of awakening.

After the awakening of a Devil Fruit, the user’s ability often becomes more formidable. For Paramecia-type fruits, awakening means gaining the power to alter the surrounding objects.

The influence of this ability extends beyond the user, as evidenced by Katakuri transforming numerous objects along the coastline into mochi.

“Seems like you won’t admit defeat. In that case, I’ll have to knock you down, Rainfall Mochi!”

Katakuri’s fists slammed into the ground, causing the beach that had been transformed into mochi to change into solid mochi tendrils that shot into the air. Shayna’s speed was extremely fast, so in order to hit her, the mochi almost sealed off all her possible movement directions.

The attacks from above made it inconvenient for her to fly, and the attacks from everywhere made it difficult for her to dodge.

Under the barrage of rain-like attacks, and combined with the Observation Haki that could predict the future, the mochi rained down on her like a flurry of punches. To deal with this situation, she had no choice but to switch back to her defensive form. The flames on her back reignited once again, and the Armament Haki enveloped her wings, forming a protective barrier.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

A series of muffled sounds echoed as Katakuri’s attacks were temporarily blocked. However, this created a vicious cycle; to block the attacks, Shayna had no choice but to give up on her speed form.

However, by giving up on the speed form, she couldn’t effectively deal with Katakuri, who possessed Observation Haki capable of foreseeing the future. Unable to counter it, she was continuously struck by his attacks, forcing her to rely solely on the defensive form to endure.

In this situation, she found herself almost caught in a closed loop, and even attacks like Flamethrower couldn’t hit Katakuri.

“Power Mochi!”

Katakuri noticed Shayna slowing down and interpreted it as her reaching her limits. Therefore, he decided to seize the opportunity to bring an end to this battle.

Above his arm, a doughnut made of mochi materialized, and as he swung his fist, a colossal mochi fist also followed suit.

This time, Shayna’s Blaze Kick failed to hit its mark. Katakuri anticipated her movements and struck her abdomen from an unusual angle. Although the damage was minimal, the tide of the battle began to shift in his favor.

“You’ve already lost. You’re not a match for my awakened powers.”


At this moment, Shayna had to achieve the speed of the Speed Form while maintaining the defensive form. Only by doing so could she break free from this closed loop. However, the effects of Speed Boost had its limits, and to accomplish this, she needed to achieve a breakthrough.

As the first person to follow Arceus, Arceus did not mistreat her. She was given a wide range of skills, and she also inquired about the matter of awakening.

After all, Devil Fruit awakening was not a secret to Kaido, and Shayna was curious whether Arceus’ power could undergo awakening.

And Arceus has already given that power to her.

It was Pokemon’ super evolution—Mega Evolution.

Unlike Primal Reversion, Mega Evolution is a transcendent form for most Pokémon. Because their abilities are much stronger than in their original forms, their bodies cannot sustain this state for long.

In the Pokémon world, Mega Evolution required the assistance of Mega Stone and Key Stone.

However, like Devil Fruit users, they cannot seek out a Trainer. Therefore, that power is integrated into their bodies in a unique way by Arceus. Similar to awakening, as long as they train to a certain extent, they can grasp this power.

Similar to Mandrell’s light of evolution, the ability has been given, and whether they can break through would depend on their own efforts.

While Zoan-type Devil Fruits can also awaken, their manifestation differs significantly from Paramecia-type. Zoan-type awakening typically gives unparalleled recovery power or larger body size, and failed awakening may result in turning into a monster like Jailer Beasts.

From Kaido, Shayna hadn’t experienced that feeling, but today’s encounter with Katakuri seemed to shed light on some things.


As an excellent Observation Haki teacher and a second-generation Awakening instructor, Shayna found the final threshold through her profound understanding of the ability.

At that moment, a different scene flashed in Katakuri’s eyes. Before he could react, flames soared into the sky, and under the raging flames, Shayna’s body underwent a transformation.

Yellow feathers turned black, claws became even more sharp, and flames at her wrists fluttered like ribbons in the air.

“Unstoppable Donuts!”

Behind Katakuri, several doughnuts made of mochi appeared, then from within these doughnuts, mochi fists shot out continuously. Shayna, like before, used her wide wings to block Katakuri’s attacks, but the outcome differed this time.

In the intervals between Katakuri’s attacks, Shayna disappeared.

“So fast.”

Ever since he had trained his Observation Haki to this level, this was the first time he had felt something like this. With flames ablaze, a flying kick was aimed at his head, and although he attempted to transform into mochi to evade the attack, Shayna’s attack speed surpassed his dodging speed.

Shayna’s claws ignited; Mega Blaziken’s leg strength surpassed that of Blaziken. Due to the incredible speed, her feet created friction with the air, leading to intense combustion. The internal temperature rose as a result, amplifying both energy and speed.

A scorching flying kick landed on Katakuri’s neck. The incredible speed of the kick and the Haki attached to it rendered his evasion completely ineffective, sending him flying.


Even the ground, which was turned into mochi, made a loud noise due to the high-speed collision.

Awakened vs Mega Evolution—Paramecia-type versus Zoan-type fought even more fiercely on the island.

“Power Mochi!”

“Blaze Kick!”

Shayna’s high temperature had a certain restraint on Katakuri’s mochi. The high-temperature flames made the adhesive mochi dry and brittle. At this point, the scales of victory began to tilt back in Shayna’s direction.

The fight ultimately concluded with Katakuri’s surrender. They could continue the fight, but then it would no longer be a matter of determining superiority, but a fight to the death.

Seeing the scene of himself lying on the ground, Katakuri took the initiative to admit defeat, similar to Marco. This way, it looked better than being completely knocked down.

“He’s yours now, but you won’t spare him, right? I can’t face Mama if that happens.”

“No, his fate was sealed long ago.”

Saying this, Shayna tossed a small vial of potion to Katakuri.

“Medicine for your burns.”


Unlike Marco, the two pirate crews had collaborated in many ways. Since the battle had come to an end, there was no need to continue to fight to the death.

Chapter 417 Mega Evolution

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