APJ Chapter 415 Abnormal Status Condition: Marco Burned

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Katakuri’s reason for suggesting this was not without any reason. Recently, Charlotte Linlin had gotten angry several times, and if it weren’t for that, it wouldn’t be him coming here. Therefore, this time, he must achieve a satisfactory result.

Moreover, he believed that Marco would be more challenging to deal with than Shayna, so he wanted to deal with the difficult opponent first before facing Shayna in a one-on-one.

Even if something went wrong, that person falling into the hands of the Beasts Pirates would be more acceptable to Charlotte Linlin than falling into Whitebeard’s hands. Plus, the two pirate crews already have areas of cooperation, so he took the opportunity to propose cooperation.

After saying this, he didn’t even wait for Shayna’s response and a trident was released from his wrist.

He was a Devil Fruit user with the Mochi-Mochi Fruit, a highly unique Paramecia-type. He could transform his body into mochi, and with his powerful Observation Haki, he could achieve effects similar to Logia-types.

He could change his body shape, create substances, and store items. The trident named “Mogura” was usually stored in his wrist.

He acted immediately for a simple reason: he had already seen the scene where Shayna agreed to his proposal.

This was the strength of his Observation Haki.

His Observation Haki had been trained to the highest level. Although he didn’t have the innate special abilities of Otohime or Roger, he had reached a level where he could see the future.

Since a young age, after someone had cut Brûlée’s face, he wished to foresee all dangers to protect his siblings, so he had trained to this extent.

Within a certain distance, the weaker the opponent, the farther he could see. If the opponent’s Observation Haki was equally powerful, what he could see would be limited.

“Mochi Thrust!”

Katakuri’s arm changed into mochi, wrapping around the trident. The mochi-formed arm then began to spin rapidly, and the trident, accompanied by immense force, stabbed toward Marco.

While Katakuri flipped the table, Shayna’s right foot was enveloped in flames, kicking towards Marco, however, Marco reacted quickly.

Although they could sit together for negotiations, it didn’t mean complete trust in each other. It’s just that the decisiveness of the other party exceeded his expectations.

Arms ignited with blue flames, Marco rapidly retreated. He temporarily found a safe area in the sky, but the blue flames burning on his chest indicated that Katakuri had managed to hit him.

Marco was a Devil Fruit user of Bird-Bird Fruit, Model: Phoenix. The Blue Flames of Regeneration was the ability of his Mythical Zoan, and although these flames cannot harm, the wounds would regenerate when enveloped by them.

Before his regeneration ability reached its limit, Marco was truly the “Phoenix.”

“Hey hey, is this your negotiation?”

“It’s quite obvious. We’ve temporarily reached an agreement; someone has to be knocked out first.”

Shayna’s figure appeared in front of Marco. Her method of takeoff was more like a catapult launch, with a burst of speed much faster than Marco’s burst within short-range. She directly arrived above Marco, intending to force him back to the ground.

Although she and Katakuri had not fought together before, at their level, both were seasoned warriors, and their first time coordination was flawless.

Shayna’s fists were engulfed in flames as she unleashed a relentless barrage of punches towards Marco.

“Why do you have arms? That’s unfair.”

Marco still had the lesiure to reply since Shayna was not using her full strength at the moment. Both she and Katakuri were holding back, concealing their true strength.

Because logically, Marco would not be a match for the two of them working together. The outcome of the battle would be decided in the later battle. Therefore, both were observing each other’s fighting styles. For example, Shayna was using her hands instead of her feet.

“That’s a power you can’t comprehend.”

With a flap of wings, an X-shaped flame shot towards Marco. Except for the abilities modified by Arceus, flying-type Zoan’s arms would transform into wings, which were not convenient in combat.

Moreover, although they were holding back, they didn’t backstab the other. At this moment, Katakuri’s arm transformed into something like a Gatling gun, and then using his prediction, a dense hail of bullets blocked off most of Marco’s escape routes.

“Unstoppable Mochi Blade Bullet.”

Under Katakuri’s development, the Mochi-Mochi Fruit has become highly versatile. Whether it’s his superhuman body or creating objects, he can do both. Numerous Haki-wrapped mochi bullets shot into the sky. While fighting Shayna, dodging these attacks was not easy for Marco.

Blue flames continuously erupted on his body. Being a Zoan-type, he couldn’t transform his body like a Logia-type, but conversely, even if Haki caused damage, he could still heal himself.

Unless his stamina was depleted, rendering him unable to use the Flames of Regeneration, or he was suppressed by special items like Seastone, dealing with Marco required wearing down his health bar.

But his Zoan-type ability also gives him powerful stamina. So, although his damage output in group battles was lower than others, he was challenging to deal with. That’s why he became the 1st division commander of Whitebeard Pirates.

However, Lunarians were not afraid of health bars, especially since they weren’t in a 1v1 situation now.

Although Katakuri wasn’t adept at aerial combat, his operational radius was significant. Gradually, Marco was forced into a low-altitude area, giving Katakuri more opportunities.

“Punch Mochi!”

“Crane Talons!”

With his hands transformed into wings, Marco’s main form of combat relied on his legs. He and Shayna continued to engage in aerial clashes in the sky.

Just now, Katakuri attacked him from below using his mochi body, while Marco kicked towards Katakuri leveraging the inertia of his flight.

Their battle had been ongoing for a while, and even Marco’s stamina had been significantly worn down.

As he was fighting Katakuri, Shayna’s knee struck him squarely in the chest. Faced with the dual assault from Shayna and Katakuri, he was directly knocked to the ground.

But for him, this wasn’t the worst. The blow broke two of his ribs, but the damage was repaired by his blue flames. However, a red flame appeared on his body at this moment.

Even though the blue flames healed the injuries, the red flame would reappear soon, forcing him to continually use the blue flames to cancel it out.

This was because, in the battle with Shayna, he had been hit several times by Shayna’s Fire Punch, finally entering a Burn status condition. Under the additional damage from the burn, he had to continuously use the blue flames.

Under normal circumstances, it would be fine, but after experiencing a high-intensity battle, his stamina was greatly depleted. Now, facing two formidable opponents without a moment to catch his breath, the onslaught of attacks from the two came one after another.

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