APJ Chapter 384 Jack returning home and Bisharp

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Moreover, those subordinates of his are quite reliable in handling things, because Mandrell is not only good at fighting but also has money. If given some time and enough funds, establishing a mining company would really not be a problem.

However, the overall bias of the Fish-Men and the policies of the Ryugu Kingdom have become an issue.

“But the queen of the Ryugu Kingdom has some very naive ideas. If there is a need, it should be fine to send Tesoro to communicate with her.”

Mandrell directly suggested a possible solution. His current goal is to retire gloriously and get married. Unconsciously, he had taken on another challenge on his back.

“Good suggestion. You can try testing the other party’s attitude using a different identity. What about the matter of Fish-Man Karate and Jujutsu?”

This was also Mandrell’s mission when he set off for Fishman Island—to fully understand these training methods. Onigashima also has a genuine Fish-Man, after all.

Moreover, Fish-Man Karate is also a way for him to increase his combat power.

“I’ve learned a little bit of Fish-Man Karate, but I’m not very good at Fish-Man Jujutsu.”

“This time when you go back, take Jack with you. Let him train with you for a while, and while at it, also let him learn something in this area.”

It’s more or less a well-planned matter. Twelve years old is already a suitable age for apprentice pirates. Like the Kuja, the new generation of the Beasts Pirates will also embark on their own journey. The only difference is their destination.

It was planned for Jack to be sent to Fishman Island, while Yamato chose an island she liked. As for Maria, it’s up to her to decide where she wants to go.

As for their safety, they shouldn’t encounter any trouble in the sea with the Beasts Pirates flag. Meanwhile, Whitebeard’s flag is also put on Fishman Island. Although there are always minor incidents, no one would dare make a major move on Fishman Island.

What the great pirates value most is reputation. No one can tolerate being slapped in the face, unless they have to endure it for some reason, such as for the sake of their interests or to avoid casualties.

Before the Summit War, Shanks could stop Kaido because of interest issues. Otherwise, if they really fought, Shanks would not have been able to rush to Marineford at the end of the war. He didn’t have the strength to instantly defeat Kaido.

“Yes, I will take care of Jack.”

“Just pay a little attention to Jack. You mainly take care of Kojiro.”

“Um, Lord Arceus, I have to bring him with me too?”

“Kojiro and Tesoro are the best at handling business related matters. Tesoro has been discussing business in the Red Line recently, so it’s only natural to leave it to him. However, there’s no need to worry; he won’t drag you down. It’s just his first time going on a long journey, that’s all.”

Kojiro hasn’t been idle during this long period. Under Hyogoro’s careful training, he finally escaped the embarrassing state of dislocating his joints and muscle strains with just one sword stroke. Now he can use Tsubame-gaeshi at least three times.

Moreover, he had also obtained his own ability. Although military achievements are the most important contribution within the Beasts Pirates, it’s not just military achievements.

Business, development, breakthroughs in technology—all count. Kojiro’s stable development of business in Wano Country gave him another opportunity to receive rewards, which he didn’t give to his pet this time.

After going through the traditional process, he finally obtained direct modification form-Bisharp.

A Steel+Dark-type Sword Blade Pokémon with a form that is very similar to a human, clad in armor resembling Wano Country samurai. It has sharp blades on its head, limbs, and abdomen.

Among various Pokémon nowadays, Rock-type and Steel-type are the ones that can significantly enhance combat power. Even without training, Pokémon of these two types can directly resist most conventional attacks. The upper limit is unknown, but the lower limit is quite high.

For more details, one can refer to Daz Bonez’s Dice-Dice Fruit. With a body of steel and swordsmanship honed by Hyogoro, Kojiro would basically encounter no danger in the first half of the Grand Line.

Mandrell acted quickly. Just after leaving Arceus’ place, he had already passed on the news to Jack.

“Jack, per the orders of Lord Arceus, you’re to accompany me to Fishman Island in the coming period.”

“Fishman Island?”

“Yes, that should be the place of your birth. It is important for you to visit it, and you can also learn a few new things, like this.”

Looking around, Mandrell spotted a water jug. After pouring some water on his hand, he punched towards the specially made wooden training dummies.

“Fish-Man Karate – Water Shot!”

Water Shot is one of the basic moves of Fish-Man Karate, a special move that treats liquid as bullets. The splashing water left deep dents on the wooden dummies resembling bullet impacts.

“What do you think? This is a technique of the Fish-Men race, suitable for battles on water. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to grasp the key to Fish-Man Jujutsu. Jack, I’ll leave it to you then. I should be able to find you a good master.”

“Wow, that looks so cool! Can all Fish-Men do this, creating splashes like that?”

Jack’s reaction was okay, but Yamato seemed to be quite interested in this and began to inquire about Mandrell’s experiences on Fishman Island.

And upon hearing that Jack is leaving, Ulti’s smile couldn’t be hidden even behind her mask.

“Great, you better never come back.”

“Humph, not only will I come back, but I’ll also bring gifts for Pay-tan. The desserts of Fishman Island are quite famous.” What Jack said was an undeniable fact. In the one piece world, if you want to know who has the best desserts, just ask Charlotte Linlin.

As long as a dessert catches her eye, you can be assured of its quality; if Fishman Island could use desserts to gain the protection of Big Mom’s pirate flag, it’s a clear affirmation of their quality.

At first, Jack would argue with Ulti, but he gradually found a better way to deal with this tsundere. That was to temporarily ignore her and then proceed to focus on Page One.

“Is it really that delicious?”

“Pay-tan! It’s just food, don’t succumb to such things! I can also make delicious food for you.”

“Um, sis, actually let’s just forget about it. The things you make…”

It’s not that he was discriminating against Ulti; it’s just that he doesn’t want to die young. The food Ulti makes is only liked by those Muk, indicating how ridiculous her cooking is.

Looking at the additional kids, Mandrell didn’t find it strange at all; after all, this was a tradition of the Beasts Pirates.

At the same time, Kojiro, who had also received the news, went to bid farewell at Hyogoro’s house. Mainly to inform Hyogoro that there is no need to train him tomorrow, and at the same time, he will be away for a considerable time.

Most things in Wano Country are already on the right track and no longer need him to watch over. However, upon hearing that he is leaving the country, Hyogoro took out a gift for him.

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