APJ Chapter 383 Is there anything wrong with a Ground-type flying?

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Training their bodies, mastering their abilities, that’s what the siblings have been doing in their recent training sessions. They haven’t yet learned advanced skills, but they are gradually becoming familiar with their own body parts. For example, Page One now has a personal teacher – Elizabeth.

This is related to his flying style. Despite both being Ground-type, Garchomp has the ability to fly. However, Garchomp’s flying is different from ordinary flying. An adult Garchomp, skilled enough, can take off from a standstill and then fly at high speeds like a jet fighter.

But Page One hasn’t reached that level yet. Currently, he’s more like a glider, needing a running start to barely take off. That’s why Elizabeth, who excels in gliding flight, has become his special teacher.

“Come on, Pay-tan!”

“That’s right, Pay-tan, don’t be afraid. I’ll catch you!”

“You’re not allowed to call him Pay-tan! Only I can call him that!”

On a slightly elevated hill, Page One was preparing to take off, while below, a crowd was watching the spectacle. Although Ulti has understood over the past few months that the admonishment is ineffective, Yamato and Jack were still calling Page One “Pay-tan.”

But she hasn’t given up on asserting her sovereignty. As for whether this kind of flying training would be dangerous, she did not think so. After all, she had taught Page One how to walk by pulling him around for a few days.

She was also looking forward to Page One taking her for a flight. In her impression, Page One was vaguely labeled as a mount, especially since, besides underwater, Garchomp can move freely both underground and in the sky.

As for why she didn’t refuse Jack’s attempt to catch Page One, her being a bro-con doesn’t mean she is foolish; she can’t catch someone of Page One’s size.

“Tighten your body, spread your arms, unfold the wing membrane with your fins, and then run with all your strength.”

Elizabeth demonstrated in front of Page One, taking off after a short run with the help of the wind. However, Page One didn’t have such a smooth experience, and without any surprise, his first flight ended with him directly falling down.

After breaking Maria’s spider web safety net, he continued to fall before finally being caught by Jack’s trunk.

With his height added to the trunk, it was a height the current Ulti can’t reach. For Ulti, everything on Onigashima is fine; even Shayna didn’t continue to target her after she corrected that issue.

She can even get used to that overly familiar white-haired crazy woman.

It’s only this Jack, who was competing with her for her brother everyday, making her very unhappy.

“Quickly put Pay-tan down! Can’t you see you are scaring him?!”

After a long period of training, Jack’s trunk had become as flexible as his own arms and can carry a heavy load.

“I told you to put him down, not to put him on your back!”

Page One, who had failed in flying, had already returned to his original form, so Jack put him on his shoulder.

If not familiar with them, to outsiders, these people don’t look like pirate reserves at all, with each person having training that suits them.

Meanwhile, in Onigashima’s office, Mandrell had temporarily left Fishman Island and returned to report his work.

“How’s the situation on Fishman Island lately?”

“It’s been more stable, but overall, it’s still the same. Although Whitebeard’s flag has deterred many from having bad intentions, occasional kidnapping incidents still occur on Fishman Island.”

Whitebeard’s flag serves as a deterrent, but there are still many people who value money more than their lives. Slave traders and pirates daring to target Merfolk or Fish-Men still exist, especially with the high prices of Merfolk attracting many desperadoes.

Whitebeard is indeed powerful, but he can’t be everywhere. Those who encounter members of Whitebeard’s crew naturally face bad luck, but as long as they don’t encounter them, there are no issues. Many people still choose to target Merfolk due to this mindset.

Moreover, aside from external threats, Fishman Island also faces internal problems. Some members of the slave catcher teams are Fish-Men themselves, showing no remorse when hurting their own kin.

The management of the royal family in Ryugu Kingdom has not been successful in managing this aspect, especially in terms of immigration and emigration checks, which are sometimes practically non-existent.

“In addition, I have discovered some rare mineral deposits near Fishman Island’s seabed. I have conducted tests with some equipment, and the reserves are extremely rich. It seems they haven’t been mined for hundreds of years.”

“However, the mining cost is very high unless we can hire those Fish-Men.”

“Moreover, large-scale equipment cannot be used underwater, and there is also the threat of large sea beasts. If we really want to mine, we can only rely on your power.”

Although Mandrell’s transfer application was because of Rusalka, he has also done a considerable amount of important work. He understands that only by demonstrating the value of the transfer can he continue to stay in this place.

The area of the ocean is much vaster than the continent, especially so in the one piece world. Beneath the deep-sea floor, there may be many precious mineral deposits, and even the treasures of sunken ships mean additional income.

However, although the coating technology allows ships to submerge, it is not suitable for underwater mining. The crooked technology tree also lacks anything in this regard. If one were to build a submarine for mining, the income might not outweigh the investment.

“How is the attitude of Fish-Men and Merfolk?”

“I have been in contact with Fish-Men using the appearance of Fish-Men. The polarization is quite severe, and most Fish-Men don’t have a favorable view of humans. However, if needed, I can still gather some manpower.”

The population of Fishman Island is around five million, and the ratio of Merfolk to Fish-Men is roughly balanced since their births are entirely random.

Moreover, due to the random variations in Fish-Men and Merfolk, it’s somewhat challenging to confirm whether they are biologically related.

The reason Mandrell says he can gather some manpower is that he has made a name for himself in Fish-Man District.

Fish-Man District is not within the bubble layer of the Ryugu Kingdom but is located in the deep sea outside. However, those who reside here are all Fish-Men, which doesn’t have much impact.

Originally designed to accommodate orphans, Fish-Man District has become a gathering place for lawless groups due to the incompetence of the management. For Fishman Island, Fish-Man District is the largest slum.

Here, Fishman Island’s laws are not of much use, but fists are. Fisher Tiger, Jinbe, and other famous Fish-Men mostly hail from here. However, this makes the Ryugu Kingdom even more peculiar.

With inherently stronger bodies than humans, there are surprisingly few strong people in the kingdom. Those who have earned a reputation are mostly from less reputable backgrounds, reaching a level of absurdity comparable to certain football players.

In this environment, Mandrell was naturally able to gain some reputation using his fists. After all, on Fishman Island, he needs some Fish-Men underlings, so he has become a small leader in Fish-Man District.

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