PC Chapter 148 Best Era

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Even with many benefits, an orphan… simply cannot bear the burden of being a Trainer.

Unless…it’s a special case like Terrance.

The times are changing.

After booking a cruise back to Hoenn, Terrance was a little surprised. He had already accepted the fact that the number of Trainers was increasing, but it was strange to see a group of Trainers in Kanto who looked like they had come from various mainlands.

From their Pokémon to clothing, Terrance could see a style that was completely different from Kanto.


Looking at the smiling young man in front of him, Terrance raised an eyebrow.

Who is this…

Luxurious clothing, a familiar face – this guy…isn’t he the rich young heir who traded Fire Stone with him when he was coming from Sinnoh?

“It’s you, friend,” Terrance also smiled.

Meeting him again was also a kind of fate.

“By the way, I still don’t know how to address you, friend.”

The rich young heir patted his stomach and laughed, “Hehehe, I’m Noah, I was born in the Unova Region, but not raised there.”

Noah, slightly chubby, gave a friendly vibe.

Terrance replied, “Terrance, I’m from Kanto, but just like you, I was also not raised in Kanto.”

After that, the two laughed, and their relationship became a bit closer.

“I didn’t expect… to meet you again here,” the rich young heir Noah said.

“It’s indeed quite a coincidence,” Terrance said. “So, have you finished your business in Kanto? Are you ready to go back?”

“Uh…” Noah seemed visibly surprised.

“No, not really…”

“Don’t you know?”

“Know what?” Terrance was puzzled.

“No way, could it be that you’re not here to catch a ride to the Indigo Plateau…”

Noah looked doubtful, but quickly understood. Given Terrance’s age, he might not care much about such things.

Although it involved complex relationships intertwining different forces, besides the enthusiastic Trainers who constantly paid attention to the Pokémon League, only some related corporations would pay attention to it.

“This matter is no longer a secret…it has been widely known for a long time. I thought you were also going to the Indigo Plateau,” Noah said.

Noah smiled. Terrance seemed genuinely unaware, but that didn’t stop Noah from explaining further.

Just a slight mention, and the other person would understand.

“Do you know about the Dragon Master?”

“Dragon Master…”

Hearing this somewhat eccentric title, Terrance reacted and then realized…

“Dragon Master Lance?”

“Yes, him, Lance from Blackthorn City.”

When mentioning this person, Noah smiled mysteriously. “He is about to challenge for the position of Champion.”

“If successful, he might become the youngest Elite Four Champion in history. Countless travelers, Trainers, media, and forces are gathering in the Indigo Plateau from all over the world.”

“So soon…” Terrance was taken aback. Since arriving in Kanto, he had been immersed in the matter of Ralts, paying less attention to what was happening outside.

Lance is a Champion, Terrance already knew, but considering the time difference from the original work, he was unclear about when Lance became the Champion.

“No wonder it’s so grand…” Terrance said. Fighting for the position of Champion seemed to have stirred up a storm in Kanto.

“No, no, it’s not that simple,” Noah quickly explained.

“If it’s just the Champion, it wouldn’t cause such a commotion. The important thing is that Lance is young and has shown great hope of winning, and also—”

“Kanto and Johto are situated within the jurisdiction of Indigo Plateau, the headquarters of the Pokémon League. The Champion of the Indigo League receives more attention compared to the Champion of other regions.”

“Moreover, Lance himself has already gained significant fame. He is not only a Trainer, but also a detective. He has wiped out numerous illegal organizations and helped countless forces in the past. In the Kanto and Johto regions, he has long become the representative of the new generation of Trainers, with a frighteningly high reputation.”

“So, even if it’s a Champion Challenge, you can watch it live from home. There’s absolutely no need to travel all the way here.”

Terrance nodded. In summary, it was the significance of Lance’s identity and image that garnered such attention.

“So that’s how it is… no wonder,” Terrance smiled wryly. It seemed he was out of luck. He had already booked an S.S. Ticket to return to Hoenn, and it seemed he wouldn’t be able to watch live. Moreover, the tickets for this match… wouldn’t be easy to get.

What a pity…

However, at the same time, Terrance also noticed that if Lance became the Champion, he would likely be hailed as the youngest Champion.

At this moment, the Elite Four and Champion were still under the control of the older generation of Trainers. After Lance became the Champion, Cynthia would probably take the title of the youngest Champion within a few years, taking over Sinnoh’s highest honor.

Following that, if nothing unexpected happened, the Elite Four would further become younger.

“The best era,” Terrance thought to himself.

With the rise of Trainers, more benefits, and the accumulation of experience from predecessors, opportunities for young Trainers to grow would keep increasing.

Lance, Wallace, Cynthia… and people Terrance didn’t know, the future of Trainers might very well rest on the shoulders of the younger generation.

“Lance has a high chance of winning… I really hope he can successfully claim the title. I’ve bet my entire year’s pocket money on him,” Noah said, a mix of nervousness and anticipation in his smile. Betting one year’s pocket money on the champion showed his determination.

However, Terrance’s reaction was clearly out of his expectations.

“What—” Terrance’ eyes widened, a buzzing sound in his mind.


Yes, for a challenge at the Elite Four level, there must be official betting involved!

How the hell could I miss it?

“Uh… is the channel closed?” Terrance hesitated, but the answer left him crestfallen. It wasn’t his turn; even if he knew Lance could become the Champion, he had missed the best opportunity.

The money-making opportunity slipped away from him.


“There will be other opportunities; it is not a big deal.” He forced himself to calm down. His personal savings were also not much, so even if he went all-in, he wouldn’t earn much. Missing this chance wasn’t worth regretting; instead it served as a wake-up call for him.

“There’s also the time when Cynthia will challenge. I’ll go big with the bet at that time.” Terrance patted his pocket, glancing at Noah and clearing his throat.

“I think Lance has a high chance of winning. Anyway, congratulations in advance on winning big.”

“Thank you, thank you…” Noah squinted his eyes and smiled. Everyone loves to hear nice words.

Their destinations were different. After chatting for a while, they inevitably went their separate paths.

However, Lance’s matter gave Terrance a reminder. The important characters from the original work were beginning to make appearances one after another.

It seemed that before long, a wave of Trainers would emerge, appearing in every corner. Famous characters like Lance would undoubtedly attract a group of fans and admirers, which would also spur the development of the Trainer industry.


“I’ll let you all bask in glory for now.”

“I’ll be there soon.”

Terrance was in high spirits, walking towards the cruise ship. With a special case like him, the gears of history were sure to turn in a different direction…

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