OPTS- Chapter 70 Marines Arrive

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On Beth Street, the top floor of a four-story hotel.

In front of a huge floor-to-ceiling window in the center of the hotel, a figure that looks like some kind of long ostrich is standing there wearing a high ceremonial hat, looking at the battlefield in the distance with great interest.

“Is it… Ghost Hand Pirates?”

He is one of the emperors of the Dark World, President Morgan of the Great News Agency, who was associated with BIGMOM Pirates and controlled a large number of news agencies and newspapers in the world, with whom even the World Government had a little cooperation.

He knows something about Ghost Hand Ross, who took some big actions in West Blue and stepped into the Grand Line and he even specially arranged some small newspaper pages for him.

“So he has finally arrived in the Grand Line, He is quite strong.”

His gaze crossed several streets and his eyes were like that of a bird, staring at Ross’ location and looking at Ross.

Morgans looked for a few seconds and took a cup with his hand, sipping tea in his mouth and turned to look at the border area of the Kingdom of Elias, with a smile on his face.

“If he can survive this crisis, then the title of the most dazzling supernova in the first half of the Grand Line will belong to him.”

In the direction Morgans looked, there was a large amount of Marine rushing into the street!

Marine G8 Fleet… Arrive in Elias!


Beth Street.

After killing a large number of pirates and criminal organizations members, Ross did not chase down the small fries that had been frightened and fled crazily but turned to Robin and Laffitte.

After finding Laffitte and Robin on a roof, Ross took the Log Pose out of his pocket and threw it at Laffitte. “See if it works.”

Laffitte accurately reached for it and looked at it and murmured, “It’s impossible to judge it just by looking at it like this. We can’t deduce it until our Log Pose’s magnetism is fully stored.”

If the direction indicated by the single arrow Log Pose is one of the directions indicated by the three-arrow High-Level Log Pose, then it will be clear that the three-arrow High-Level Log Pose is usable and can be directed to three islands without being fixed on a single route.

“Then we will wait.”

Ross nodded, before confirming that the High-Level Log Pose can be used, it is impossible to throw away the original Log Pose and sail the sea. If that new Log Pose didn’t work then it will be a very troublesome thing.

Just as Laffitte picked up the new Log Pose and put it on his other wrist, Robin who was standing a little far from the building, suddenly rushed forward with a heavy face.


“Marines are here.”

When Ross and Laffitte heard Robin’s words, they looked in the direction Robin was pointing. They saw that there were a lot of Marines on the streets.

The original chaotic streets were restored to order because of the arrival of Marines, but these Marines obviously did not come for the outbreak of Battle here. Looking at the scale and level, they obviously had only one goal… That is Ghost Hand Pirates!

“They are quite fast.”

Ross stood there, his eyes calm and indifferent as he looks towards the streets where a large number of Marines quickly surrounded the Beth Street.


Laffitte turned to Ross, revealing a look that asked `Fight or retreat’.

Ross looked at the large number of Marines that surrounded him and his eyes flashed. He quickly made a decision and said, “You and Robin will go back to the ship. Let me try out the strength of these Marines.”

The Marine base on Grand Line is planning to attack him, They will most likely be led by a Vice-Admiral, followed by Marine Rear Admirals and a large number of Marine’s elite and powerful lineup.

Laffitte and Robin may be able to cope with a group of Marine elites, but the situation is bound to become very unfavorable in the face of the siege of Marine Rear Admiral and countless elite marines.

As for himself, he has no fear of the army tactics and he has a certain confidence in his own strength. Even if he can not fight, it will not be a problem for him to retreat in such a mixed street.

At this time.

The speed advantage of Ghost Shadow Ship is vivid. Even if they can’t deal with the Marines, as long as they board the Ghost Shadow Ship and retreat, Marines will only be able to watch the Ghost Shadow Ship disappearing in the horizon with all her might.

“Sorry, Captain, I want to play with these Marines a little and Miss Intelligence will be able to return to the ship by herself.” When Laffitte heard Ross’ words he shook his cane with a smile on his face.


Ross nodded calmly.

The most prominent feature of Laffitte and Robin is that they don’t get lost like Zoro and they won’t get distracted by any beautiful women like Sanji. In most cases, they don’t need to bother him.

“Okay, you both be careful.”

Robin nodded calmly next to him. Laffitte and Ross were confident that they could get away from Marine’s siege. Naturally, she would not stay to cause trouble. Besides, the Ghost Shadow Ship needed her to take charge as to prepare her for sailing at any time.

Suddenly, Marine restored calm to the chaotic Beth Street and countless civilian and nobles were all settled down in town and no longer fled in panic.


There are also many people who showed a strange expression.

The battle just happened here and In less than an hour, Marine came. It was a little too fast. Normally, they didn’t come until the fighting has finished and everyone has escaped!

“Have you discovered that there are a lot more Marines then normal…”

Someone watched the line of Marines move forward, occupying all the streets in all directions and surrounding the entire Beth Street.

The man next to him seemed to have just recovered from the chaos. He shook his head and said, “Who knows? Maybe it’s to protect somebody.

After all, this is the most famous hot spring country in the world. Apart from tenryubito, who disdains to live with ordinary people, many nobles like to come here for vacation and leisure.


Someone shook his head and the light in his eyes twinkled. He said, “I’m afraid it’s not as simple as protecting someone. Look over there… There is a Vice-Admiral here.”

Looking in his direction, they saw a man in Marine Justice Cloak with Vice-Admiral’s epaulets embroidered on his shoulders. He was walking in front of all Marines with a fierce face. He is the Vice-Admiral Dalmatian of Marine G8 Branch.

Behind Dalmatian, there were three Marine Rear Admiral

“Rear Admiral Atheus, you lead the second team from the west, Rear Admiral Hez, you lead the third team from the south, Rear Admiral Roma, you lead the fourth team from the north, you must lock all the Ghost Hands Pirates in Beth Street area!”

“Remember, once you find Ghost Hand Ross, don’t fight, just report to me!”

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