OPTS-Chapter 17 White Blade Pirates

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Sea calendar, 11th month of the 1508 year.

Ghost Hand Ross killed one-eyed Flo having a bounty of 27 million Berries. He captured the ship of the Flo pirates, and formally formed a pirate group called ‘Ghost Hand Pirates’, and added a pirate flag with skull and a skeleton hand forming a fist pointing upward.

Sea calendar, the start of the 12th month of 1508 year.

Ghost Hand Ross led the Ghost Hand Pirates, and killed the Captain of Cullo pirates with a bounty of 17 million berries in the Kingdom of Turta, and defeated the local kingdom who came to the encircle him, gradually becoming famous.

Sea calendar, at the end of 12th month of 1508.

Ghost Hand Ross led the ghost hand pirates, and killed the Captain of Blood pirates with a bounty of 25 million Berries, and defeated the West Blue T19 branch of the Marines, which made the West Blue Marines shocked and terrified. His prestige greatly rising.

Sea calendar, at the start of the 1st month of 1509.

This year is also called the eleventh year of the Great Age of Pirates.

Ghost Hand Ross successively eliminated the captain of Hammer Pirates who had a bounty of 28 million berries and Leopard Pirates with a bounty of 19 million berries in Pirate town Bagh.

Later, he also killed the widely known in the sea, Pirate Hunter ‘Blood Hand’ and his group, who were trying to kill him. So far, his reputation has spread far and wide and no one dared to question his bounty of up 40 million Berries.


It’s been more than two months since he had captured the Flo pirates ship. Until now, Ross had killed 2 pirates whose bounties were between 15 to 20 million Berries and 3 pirates whose bounties were between 20 to 30 million.

Since he had hunted pirates in a certain interval repeatedly, the rewards also drastically decreased, so Ross only got 80 points of Talent Proficiency.


When he had killed the Hammer Pirates with a bounty of 28 million berries, Ross got an extra Free Talent Point, which is very satisfactory for Ross.

He continues to hunt and kill the pirate below 30 million bounties but the rewards have become very low, and it is a waste of time. So, Ross has completely shifted his eyes to the pirates with more than 30 million bounty.

Kingdom of Smale.

This is a large kingdom of West Blue. It is one of the 170 countries which are under the World Government, and its king is eligible to participate in the World Council.

In a tunnel of some city, Ross is wearing a leather cap with his back against the wall. He looked at Robin, who was also wearing a hat and said:

“How is the situation inside? Is there anything wrong with the intelligence?”

Robin was using the ability to spy inside the building next to her. After observing for a while, she retracted her ability and nodded to Ross.

“There is no problem with the intelligence. In the center room on the top floor is the location of the shady transaction, and the Captain ‘White Blade’ of the White-Blade pirates is inside.”

The White-Blade pirates’ Captain is White Blade. No one knows his real name. He is only known by the name White Blade. His sword arts are very high and he was once a Pirate Hunter, but then he turned into a pirate with a bounty of 35 million Berries.

This is not the first pirate that Ross was eyeing that has a bounty of more than 30 million berries, but he was the first target that he had looked for, which took nearly half a month.

“This is the first time that I will hunt a pirate with a bounty between 30 million to 50 million berries. I will definitely get 1 Free Talent Point. In that case, I can finally put a point in the Physical Enhancement in General talent.”

Ross lifted his hat slightly and stretched his body.

These days, in order to improve his stamina, he threw all the tracking and intelligence aspects to Robin, and he did his best to do physical training.

Training while putting his entire strength and energy, Ross’s stamina has also grown a lot. He has already adapted to the improved power of the Distortion Fruit, and had put 30 points of proficiency on the power of distortion, which has upgraded the power of distortion.

“Wait for me here.”

Ross took the 35 million Berries reward poster of the White Blade from Robin’s hand, then told her to wait before turning around and raising one of his hand to the wall in front of him.


The power of distortion acts on the wall. Under the precise control of Ross, the wall is not collapsed, but he made enough space on the wall to climb.

Ross stamped on his foot and jumped up. While stepping on the recessed position, his hand once again grabbed the wall at a higher position and took a leap again.

Whiz! Whiz!

After two consecutive jumps while borrowing strength, Ross jumped onto the roof and disappeared.

“Being wanted by Marines, and hostile to the World Government, but he still tirelessly hunt pirates. He is really a strange Captain.”

Robin stared at Ross who disappeared into the sky and muttered.

Most of the pirate are hostile to each other, especially in the Grand Line and even in the second half of New World, a fierce fight often happens when they meet by chance.

But Ross acts, not only when he accidentally encounters pirates, but also takes the initiative to hunt all the famous pirate, as if he must step on blood and bones of others, to become the most fearful existence in the West Blue.

Robin shook her head and started her ability to continue observing inside the building.

In the center room on the top floor.

It is a dark room which has all the curtain pulled and there is no place from which sunlight can come. There are oil lamps in the room. There are about twenty people in the room out of which some are standing and some are sitting.

“It took more than half a month but I finally got in touch with you.”

An old man with a gray beard and a ceremonial hat sat on one of the sofas with a cane in his hands, opposite to a swordsman wearing a white jacket.

The swordsman in a white jacket is the Pirate Captain White Blade.

“I heard that you are willing to pay a high amount of money.” White Blade’s body leaned forward slightly, with a dangerous smile on his face.

The old man in the ceremonial hat said: “Yes, 40 million Berries, this is our compensation for the request.”

“That’s a lot.”

The White Blade leaned back on the sofa, saying: “Let’s talk, what do you want us to do?”

“I need you to destroy Capone Mafia’s Underground base in the Kingdom of Smale. The development of Capone Mafia has seriously affected our organization.”

The old man in the ceremonial hat showed coldness in his eyes.

When White Blade heard this, he could not help but reveal a hint of ridicule. “I see, the criminal organization that you secretly support in the Kingdom of Smale couldn’t even get rid of a foreign force. It is really interesting that you ask a pirate to help you.”

The old man narrowed his eyes and said: “No, they can, but it will be counterproductive. It will cause big trouble for me if my influence and power were to be discovered. So I can only deal with it secretly… then do you accept this mission or not?”


The White Blade was straightforward and said: “But it is very troublesome to make problems with Capone Mafia, 40 million Berries is not enough, I want 50 million Berries.”

“40 million berries are already very high.”

The old man looked at the White Blade with a sullen look. He didn’t seem to plan to add extra money, but White Blade used a handkerchief to wipe out his scabbard, his appearance as if he didn’t care.

When the situation was in a stalemate, the ceiling on the top of the crowd suddenly transmitted an odd sound.