Chapter 279 North Kai’s Planet (Teaser)

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The same day…

Xiaya and Gohan returned to the small island. Master Roshi, Bulma, and others had been anxiously waiting for them on the island. Seeing them come back, they gathered around them.

“How was it? Just now your aura suddenly soared. Did you encountered the Androids?”

“And what was the result of the battle? Did you defeat them?” Everyone started talking simultaneously. Seeing that Xiaya and Gohan had come back safely, they at least knew that the Androids weren’t at an advantage in the battle just now.

“The Androids have been wiped out,” Gohan nodded and said in a relaxed tone.


It was a brief silence; the crowd did not seem to react for a few seconds, before they suddenly burst into wild cheers, “Great! The Androids are finally dead!”

“The evil Androids are…dead?!”

“It is finally going to be peaceful. Humans no longer have to live in fear!”

Bulma wiped her tears with joy written on her face. Oolong and Puar were also happily jumping around. The reign of terror brought upon by the Androids had been pressing down on them for more than ten years. Now the clouds had cleared, and they could finally see the blue sky*. They all sighed with relief. Soon, sumptuous dishes prepared in the kitchen were moved out. Now was the time to celebrate to their heart’s content.

[* after much hardship, one is able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. ]

“The Androids are dead, and the next step is to rebuild.” Master Roshi was excited, his beard fluttering in the air. As he rarely drinks strong liquor, his old face was flushed red. “Well, if we can get the help of the new Planet Namek’s dragon balls, the flourishing earth can quickly get restored.”

Xiaya smiled and picked up a dish before sending it into his mouth. He nodded and said, “Later I will go to North Kai’s Planet and get the coordinates of new Planet Namek from Kai.”

“Thank you!”

“Just a small matter!”

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