Chapter 262 Gohan (Teaser)

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West City.

After getting destroyed and being rebuilt several times over, the former most prosperous city on earth, West City, was no more flourishing like before.

At the headquarters of the former Capsule Corporation, 300 meters underground, a light blue electric arc flashed and then disappeared. Bulma, wearing brown sunglasses, was bent over in front of a table, studying. Blueprints of Androids’ bodies were messily spread out on the table with some very small machine parts.

Bulma was busily working on a small gadget. It was a heart-like gadget. She was trying to develop a weapon that could restrain the Androids by building a large power output device.

Even further down in the ground, in a training room from which “buzz buzz” muffled sounds were coming out, a young man was arduously training.

Because the gravity was turned on to max, an oppressive dark-red color had appeared in the narrow training room. Sparkling and translucent beads of sweat were dripping down along the young man’s handsome face.

“Hey,” a light noise sounded.

As if he had broken to a certain level, a golden burning aura suddenly fluctuated around his body; his black hair rose and immediately gave off a golden glow, his eyes also turning a shade of green.


This state lasted for a moment before his aura suddenly dissipated.

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