Chapter 254 Intense fight (Teaser)

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“Finally prepared to attack?” King Davidow’s mouth curled up, his purple eyes kept moving around, watching Xiaya and Meiling closely.

Xiaya and Meiling’s figures kept flashing everywhere, both on the ground and in the sky. They were moving very fast. King Davidow’s eyes kept turning as he listened to the sounds of wind. A deep crack suddenly appeared on the ground. In an instant, an aura rushed over, and the air solidified as a sinister and stifling aura spread out.

The area within a thousand miles seemed to have solidified, and the snow permeating throughout the sky disappeared. A chilly wind swept through the land.


Xiaya suddenly appeared in front of King Davidow, raising his foot as he horizontally kicked. The frightening aura caused the air to become thin and fragile. With a “huala” sound, a tear seemed to have ripped through the air, leaving behind faint traces of white blaze. King Davidow’s countenance changed, and he quickly used a hand to stop it.


King Davidow felt a wave of pain as the feeling of soreness and pain came from his nerves. His body was flung out.

At this time, it turned dark on the side, and a  beautiful figure suddenly appeared; who, with one fist cupped in the other, forcefully hammered down towards King Davidow. A loud bang sounded, like a bronze bell’s ringing sound. King Davidow once again felt a wave of pain as his body fell straight to the ground.

“So powerful! The strength of this Super Saiyan is clearly not weaker than mine!”

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