Chapter 252 Taking the initiative to attack

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It seemed that the ill-fated relationship between the Saiyans and the Frost Demon race had begin ever since the first Super Saiyan, Bardock, killed the space pirate Chilled in ancient times. No matter whether it was the conflict between Planet Vegeta and Frieza, or now between Planet Hongshan and King Davidow, all these different kinds of entanglements were difficult to sever.

It seemed that only when either the Saiyan race or Frost Demon race gets completely eradicated will the relationship between the two be eliminated thoroughly.

“Jaco, you know his current location, right?” Xiaya asked Jaco.

Although the actual strength of the Galactic Patrol organization was not necessarily much strong, their monitoring ability, however, was one of the best. Xiaya was sure that they have the location of King Davidow’s spaceship.

Jaco’s golden eyes stared at Xiaya, and then he raised his voice in disbelief, “Hey, are you really planning to stop King Davidow? Didn’t you hear me telling you that he was quite powerful?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Just give us the location of King Davidow’s spaceship.” Myers approached Jaco and patted his shoulder.

“Oh, fine then. This is what you asked for.” Jaco nodded helplessly and then went to his spaceship to fetch the data from the computer.

“Right now, King Davidow’s spaceship is a month’s time away from Planet Hongshan, and it will pass through the territory of Delan star in a while,” Jaco reported Davidow’s location, but he still does not recommend directly confronting King Davidow. In his view, it will anyways take one month for King Davidow to arrive on Planet Hongshan. It is still not too late to start evacuating now.

“Delan star?”

Xiaya pondered for a moment, before asking the Feidaya people to look it up, and soon learned that it was a super galaxy that was not too far from Planet Hongshan. There were dozens of large planets in it, as well as the super-star located at the center, Delan star. Its size was huge and shocking.

Wasn’t this a good choice as a battlefield? Xiaya immediately made up his mind to block King Davidow’s spaceship at Delan galaxy.

“Duokela, after we leave, you should pay close attention to the situation in Delan galaxy and take immediate action if there is any situation,” Xiaya said to Duokela. He had to thoroughly plan when he was taking action, and also consider the possibility of defeat.

“Yes, Sir Xiaya.”

Duokela and a few other Feidaya people shouted with a solemn expression.

Xiaya once more glanced at Duokela and then said to Adri and the others, “I will leave Planet Hongshan to you.”

“Little Ya, take care.” Adri nodded solemnly.

“Unfortunately, we are too weak, otherwise, we could have helped a little at this time.” Brook and Bardock clenched their fists, feeling helpless.

From Jaco’s words just now, they understood that King Davidow was extremely powerful. Even if King Cold, Cooler, and Frieza joined hands, they would not still be his match. Although Jaco may have exaggerated, it still showed that King Davidow was a hard crop.

“The strength of the Frost Demons have always exceeded the norm. Such races were also extremely rare in the universe. Only Super Saiyans could compete with them,” Xiaya said indifferently.

As he was speaking, his eyes swept over Bardock. Currently, on Planet Hongshan, except for Xiling and Myers, Bardock was the only one who had the best chance to breakthrough to Super Saiyan.

In the original history, when Planet Vegeta was destroyed, Bardock traveled to an ancient time as the fabric of spacetime had opened, and then, he became the first Super Saiyan in that era, leaving behind the legends of the Super Saiyan. However, due to Xiaya’s involvement, Bardock did not travel to ancient times, instead, he lived on Planet Hongshan with his wife.

All sorts of opportunities were cut off, such that, Bardock still hadn’t shown any sign of breaking through to Super Saiyan.

His thoughts were flying for a while before Xiaya came back to himself, then he looked at Xiling and Myers. “Xiling, Myers; let’s go.”

Then, Xiaya prepared to launch Instant Transmission to hurry over to Delan galaxy whose location was given by Jaco.

“Hehe, since Jaco has spoken that this King Davidow is very powerful, let us go meet him first!”

Xiling’s eyes opened wide, and a murderous look appeared on her face. The aura around her entire body suddenly increased, and her body flashed, appearing beside Xiaya. Myers didn’t dare to fall behind, and immediately tightly held Xiaya’s arm. Xiaya’s mind moved, and he quickly launched Instant Transmission; the three people quickly disappeared from Planet Hongshan.

At the same time, few galaxies away from Planet Hongshan, in a vast expanse of the universe’s starry sky.

Delan galaxy.

Because the scale of the universe was vast and expansive, the distance between stars was extremely far, and because of the vast range, the quiet starlight was flickering just like a firefly in the dead of night; hazy and fragile. However, this obviously did not apply to Delan star.

In the distance, a blazing super-large star was continuously shining and emitting heat. It was exuding a huge mass of corona.

Its brightness, even at the universe scale, was as bright as a searchlight.

Within the gravitational range of the Delan star, dozens of massive planets were moving slowly and firmly in their own orbits. If someone looked carefully, they would find that in addition to the several huge rocky planets, there were also several fireballs that were similarly flickering and burning with a white radiance. The gravitational force of Delan star was also attracting the several other stars revolving around it.

At the other side of the galaxy, a black fleet was rapidly rushing over, and in the blink of an eye entered the gravitational range of the Delan galaxy. Due to the gravitational effect of massive stars, the speed of the spaceship was somewhat slow. While trying hard to break away from the constraints of the huge stars, it was speeding along like lightning.

“Xiling, King Davidow’s fleet is coming, so quickly fuse with Myers.”

A cold voice rang beside their ears.

Xiling and Myers seriously nodded at the same time and then looked for a meteorite with a somewhat flat surface, on which to use Planet Metamor’s Fusion Technique.


Suddenly, a dazzling light flashed, and after the smoke dispersed, a tall and graceful girl appeared in its place. She was wearing a small, black double-layered jacket, white trousers, and a red ribbon at her waist which was lightly fluttering in the air.

She was Meiling, the only female Super Saiyan.

As soon as Meiling appeared, she seemed to have obtained freedom. As she transformed into Super Saiyan, her blazing, golden hair, soared into the sky, and the blonde hair in front of her forehead rose up along with her surging aura. Compared to her first transformation six months ago, she had become even stronger.


Seeing Meiling’s valiant and heroic appearance, Xiaya’s eyes lit up, and then, he also instantly transformed into Super Saiyan. One male and one female Super Saiyan were hovering in the space. Their vast energy kept rising like a fierce wave, causing the planets in the distance to tremble.

From his conservative estimate, Meiling may currently be much stronger than the Future Trunks when he had first appeared, and although she was somewhat weaker than him, there was still not much difference.

“King Davidow’s fleet is coming.”

Xiaya softly muttered as a fleet containing ten flat spaceships came into their view. The spaceships were painted in black, glistening demonically with cold light.

From one of the most sturdy spaceships, a dark, palpitating aura, was emanating out, and as it got close, it seemed that even their souls would freeze.