Chapter 224 King Davidow’s family (Teaser)

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“You must have remembered wrong. How can there still be something like a Super Saiyan in the current era! “Bido smiled as he said to Zangya. Immediately after he denied Zangya’s words, he couldn’t help but heave a sigh in his mind. ‘Zangya, this girl, she really has been sleeping for a long time, even her memories has become disordered.’

“No, I really saw a Super Saiyan on the planet that I woke up on, and I also killed a Frost Demon with my hands.” Zangya shook her head and refuted Bido’s words. This matter she had experienced not too long ago, so it was impossible for her to remember wrong.

“Could it be that a Super Saiyan really exists?”

Speaking was Kogu who was carrying a long sword at his back. Among these several people, he was considered to be quite an intelligent one. He didn’t believe that Zangya’s memory was disordered. Then, the only explanation was that a Super Saiyan really exists in the universe.

But is this possible? If there was really a Super Saiyan in the universe, then when the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta were enslaved by the Frost Demon race, and even as they were destroyed at last, why didn’t he appear?

“Yes.” Zangya nodded with certainty.

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