Chapter 217 Tights and Vegeta (Teaser)

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Several days later, Vegeta’s injuries had somewhat improved; at least it wasn’t difficult to move short distances. When Tights saw this, she repeatedly exclaimed in admiration that the physique of Saiyans was really powerful. If it was a human, they would already be half-paralyzed, and for the latter half of their life, they would have needed a wheelchair as a companion.

These last few days, Vegeta’s mood was very bad, seeing that woman called Tights wasn’t afraid of him and treated him as a toy.

“Hmph, once this prince’s injuries heals, I will definitely kill this woman with my own hands,” Vegeta thought with a gloomy expression when he saw Tights walking over, wearing revealing clothes.

“Hey, Vegeta, can you not scowl all day long. Smile, smile… ” Tights casually sat down by the bedside.

“Humph! ” Vegeta folded his arms across the chest and leaned against the corner of the bed. “Woman, don’t you feel any shame, wearing such revealing clothes all day long. ”

“Hee, hee! ” Tights tugged the cloth on her chest, revealing a wide scenery of fair and soft skin, and spoke, without minding it even a little bit, “What does it have to do with you? Can’t I do whatever I wish in my home?”

“Besides you are only a kid. It’s not as if this sister would eat you… don’t tell me you Saiyans mature so early?” Tights joked while looking at Vegeta.

“I am


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