Chapter 195 Slug landing (Part 2) (Teaser)

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Planet Bahert.

After Xiling and Myers killed off Madix and Duke, the energy pervading the air began to gradually dissipate.

Raiga was completely speechless at this point. The powerful KI waves emanating off Xiling and Myers caused him to feel shocked and surprised at the same time. These members of Armored Squadron, who even he would have found difficult to deal with, weren’t able to resist these two Saiyan girls even a little bit and without any suspense died.

Thoroughly crushed!

They produced clouds with the flip of one hand, and rain with another, and influenced heaven and earth while raising their hands!

Expert, they are true experts!

Raiga trembled slightly; it wasn’t out of fear, but because the blood in his heart was boiling.

He glanced at Xiaya, who stood beside him, and thought, “Few years ago on Planet Bakuf, Xiaya told me that his Battle Power was more than 700,000. Now, after so many years has passed, he should definitely have become stronger.”

Saiyan is really an unfathomable race!

Raiga took a deep breath, suppressed his excitement, and said, “Mr. Xiaya, please collect the fruits of Tree of Might as soon as possible, and destroy the Tree of Might from existence!”

Now that the two alien enemies, who most likely would have tried to hinder the Saiyans, had been eliminated, all that remained was for the Saiyans to collect the fruits, and then his long-cherished wish would be fulfilled.


“Yes, we have to hurry up!”


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