Chapter 186 All three sides moving out (Teaser)

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Planet Hongshan, Mission Administration Office.

The Administration Office had been in a state of turmoil since they received the report from Muying and the others. Even though Feidaya people hates Frieza as Zarbon had attacked their homeworld—they don’t understand Frieza’s horror. However, Saiyans were different; they had deeply experienced the horror and pain that Frieza brought when he killed people of their race.

Therefor, when news of the appearance of Frieza’s subordinates spread, every Saiyan thought that Frieza was preparing to invade the East Area.

The news surprised the Saiyans, who had survived the battle that resulted in Planet Vegeta’s destruction, as the fires of long-lasting hatred burned in their hearts.

Frieza who the Saiyans regarded as a nightmare-like existence had always been a thorn stuck in their throats. Their hatred would never be resolved unless they completely destroya Frieza’s race.

However, Frieza was too strong; the Saiyans, with their current strength, couldn’t exact their vengeance on him. Therefore, the First Corp members who had been caught became scapegoats that the Saiyans used to vent their hatred. One could only imagine the tragic end that awaited them.


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