APJ Chapter 420 The Pot King who lost a Pot became very uncomfortable*

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Deep-Sea Mining!

On land, mining is relatively easy. Professional Gigalith, as well as less professional Onix, Geodude, and most Rock-type Pokémon, can all make excellent miners. Gigalith’s skills even surpass that of professional machinery.

However, the deep-sea environment of Fishman Island is a different story. Rock-type Pokémon commonly fear water. Even Wano Country’s unique Seastone Pokémon, while less afraid of water, cannot live in the deep sea.

Crystal Onix, a unique species, can handle shallow waters but not the deep sea. To work in the deep sea, Water-type Pokémon becomes the optimal choice.

While he contemplated his options, the versatile Queen was once again summoned.

“You seem to be quite hungry?”

At this moment, Queen, holding a bucket of red bean soup with mochi, seemed to be in the middle of his meal when called.

“Lord Arceus, this dish isn’t tasty when cold, and I’ve lost weight lately. I need to replenish. If you have something on your mind, feel free to tell me; I can remember it.”

Without asking the usual “Do you want some?”, he lifted a spoon and extended towards his pot of soup. This indirectly reflected Queen’s obsession with red bean soup with mochi. Moreover, after his improvement, it had turned into banana-flavored red bean soup with mochi.

“Can mechanical devices for deep-sea mining be created?”

“Well, it’s not really my thing. Deep-sea machinery is different from that of land, and I don’t have much expertise in that area.”

Being a devil fruit user, most of his research in machines is for his own body. He doesn’t have much expertise in machines designed to work in the deep sea.

Considering his current workload, he doesn’t have the time to delve into that kind of thing.

“Never mind then. We brought back a good amount of Amber Lead this time. Research how to break it down. Practicality doesn’t matter; just give me a research report that can fool outsiders. Oh, and make sure the methods are gentle.”

Preparations for the upcoming operation have begun. This report would be shown to outsiders. Obtaining Amber Lead products in the outside world is not difficult; this method would be presented for them to test. Anyway, they currently couldn’t find any patients with Amber Lead Syndrome.

Confirming that this method can break down Amber Lead will enhance the credibility of the medicine treatment.

The reason for gentleness was that this method would ultimately be used inside the human body. If it resembled strong sulfuric acid corrosion or released high temperatures during the reaction, even fools would see through the deception.

“No problem. I’ll go test it with Acier later. This process shouldn’t be too difficult.”

As an expert in ores, his collaboration with Acier would make handling this matter much easier.

Soon after, Queen raised the iron bucket containing red bean soup with mochi and drank down all the remaining soup. However, halfway through, he suddenly remembered something.

“Lord Arceus, this matter…isn’t going to be on me again, is it?”


“I mean, I’m not going to be held responsible for this….”

He has already become scapegoat for many things. When Olga used Rotom to communicate the plan back, Queen saw that this matter required a “renowned doctor” to be responsible for.

While reputation was a good thing, he really didn’t want to again be held responsible for something.

If things continue in this manner, it’s likely that the CP department will establish a special team not for the Beasts Pirates but for him.

“Oh, it won’t be you this time. You can’t handle this task.”

Although the higher-ups of Beasts Fruits were members of Beasts Pirates, they were quite special. At least, their public identities were clean, serving as Beasts Pirates’ front outside.

Using code names for internal communication is just a precaution to avoid giving outsiders any leverage. This time, they need a legitimate doctor, and both Queen and Nightin are not suitable for the task.

Even though Nightin’s reputation didn’t match up to Queen’s, she was once an officer of World Pirates, and her identity wouldn’t be able to stand up to scrutiny. The words of a pirate might not be easily believed by the general public.

One Piece was an exception due to its immense mysterious value. Hence, countless people chose to set sail in pursuit of Roger’s treasure.

However, when it comes to matters of life and death, even if they don’t believe them, they have to consider it a little. Nevertheless, having a doctor is still preferable to this, and Beasts Fruits had already established a mysterious research department internally.

They would present themselves as geniuses who have successfully solved Amber Lead Syndrome to the outside world. However, in reality, this department would be empty, with only a representative they would appoint.

“Phew, that’s good. Hmm? Strange, why do I feel an emptiness in my heart.”

Upon hearing that he wouldn’t be held responsible for this, Queen suddenly had a peculiar feeling.

“It’s an illusion. But even though you don’t have to be held responsible for this, you still have a lot to handle. This is the nun’s treatment status. According to the method you will devise for breaking down Amber Lead, integrate them together. The same request stands – practicality doesn’t matter, but it must be professional and can withstand scrutiny.”

Breaking down Amber Lead into chunks wasn’t difficult. Flevance’s Amber Lead refining factories had numerous methods, having produced a large quantity of Amber Lead products. The challenge lay in clearing accumulated Amber Lead within the human body.

The substance had reached almost the cellular level, and without Op-Op Fruit, that bug-level ability, using external force was impossible. Hence, they needed a professional overview.

In the following days, Queen’s main task involved writing a research paper.

Acier is an old man from the previous era and lacks medical expertise, while Nightin comes from an unconventional background, so they simply cannot write professional things well.

“Don’t worry, I’m an expert at this kind of thing.”

Ignoring practicality, an idealized research paper was easy to create.

“Is there any other request?”

“Make them understand that this is a highly valuable technology with high production costs, which is why the selling price is high. Add some rare, expensive, but ultimately useless and harmless medicines to it.”

The plan in Onigashima had already begun. Meanwhile, as one of the people who is going to carry it out, Tesoro was currently on the Red Line, waiting in a somewhat extravagant room for the person he wanted to see.

He was here to establish connections*; otherwise, after stirring up such a big mess, it would limit Beasts Fruits’ development.  [TN: Giving bribes.]

Those people from the World Government don’t care about Flevance’s affairs, nor do they care about their external reputation. The reason they controlled this matter is solely to continue profiting from Amber Lead.

As long as the profits brought to them can fill this gap or even bring greater returns, they might even fan the flames in this matter.

“What’s the matter? I’m quite busy.”

“Take a look at this.”

“Tesoro, what are you up to? I’m a World Government official. Do you think I’d agree to something like this? Considering our past dealings, leave immediately.”

“Don’t be in a hurry, sir. You can obtain this amount.”

*The person who is always taking the blame is suddenly uncomfortable because he lost the opportunity to do so.

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