APJ Chapter 413 The export of goods from Beasts Pirates to Fishman Island

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At first, he had intended to wait for Yamato to come back before discussing it slowly. However, tutoring children…well, the more he restrained himself, the angrier he became, and in the end, he couldn’t hold back anymore.

Her behavior could only be described as seriously underestimating the enemy. In a situation where she could directly attack and deal with the opponent, she chose to engage in a head-on clash.

Although the enemy was truly weak, and such action did not have any significant consequence, but what if the opponent had a hidden ace? Then, this would have just provided him an opportunity.

If she had exchanged a few moves with the opponent before doing this, he wouldn’t have immediately called her. However, she solely relied on her naked eyes and others’ to judge the opponent’s strength, which was entirely unacceptable behavior.

Her actions were equivalent to estimating Roger’s strength using Buggy’s fighting strength, with no reference value whatsoever. Therefore, he directly called to give her a lecture.

There were many who have unexpectedly lost due to such carelessness. So, this kind of carelessness is not acceptable.

After a round of tirade, the Den Den Mushi fell silent.

“Yamato, I have two pieces of good news and one bad news now. Which one do you want to hear first?”

“The two good news?”

“Well, first, you can continue your treasure hunt. Additionally, consider the other one a gift from me. Lord Arceus isn’t angry; he’s just concerned about you, so he got anxious.”

“I know about that. Dad is always like this. But what is Ultraman?”

Picking up a blade of grass and putting it in her mouth, she didn’t take the scolding seriously at all and even counter-asked Olga about Ultraman.

“I don’t know either. Go back and ask Lord Arceus yourself. It might be some powerful creature? And don’t you care about what the bad news is?”

Yamato’s reaction was completely unexpected, so she had to bring up the matter herself.

“Oh right, what’s the bad news?”

“The possibility of you going out on a journey by yourself has been indefinitely postponed.”


This was the thing she least wanted to hear, but decisions that have been made cannot be changed. In the end, she could only choose to cherish this treasure hunting journey.

On the mountain peak of the island, they found Woonan’s house, but apart from his corpse, there was only an empty room.

According to his will on the wall, he later returned all the treasures.

“Gold is just a cold stone; friendship and companions are more important. Maybe he’s not a legend, but he should be a good pirate.”

Looking at his will as if he had been enlightened, Yamato gave Woonan the label of ‘APPROVE’ and did not destroy the place according to his last wish.

As for Eldoraggo, who was frozen into an ice sculpture, such a minor character was not worth caring about. Genesis ship set sail for home and Yamato’s vacation ended prematurely; she began her new training and theoretical lessons aboard the ship.

Returning from here would take quite some time, providing enough time for Arceus to complete Yamato’s special training and catch-up lessons.

Meanwhile, Fishman Island, Jack was also undergoing his own training.

“Fish-Man Jujutsu: Ocean Current Shoulder Throw!”

The Ocean Current Shoulder Throw was a classic move of Fish-Man Jujutsu, allowing the manipulation of liquids for attacks or achieving special purposes. It’s not limited to just seawater; even beverages like black tea can be thrown.

And Jack’s current goal was to throw the water from a bucket, but it seemed he had a long way to go in his training.

“How is it, Hack? How is Jack’s talent?”

“It’s not bad, but he’s not skilled enough yet, Big Brother Mandrell. But he’s better than you in this aspect.”

“Well, of course, he’s a true Fish-Man after all.”

Although Fish-Man Karate can be learned by any race, Fish-Men are undoubtedly the most skilled at it. At this moment, Mandrell was still in Gyarados form, which is more easily accepted here.

The Fish-Men community includes not only fish; octopus, whale, and sea urchin Fish-Man all exist here.

Even since his true identity was revealed, his relationship with Rusalka has become more close. He no longer has to worry about exposure.

Those underlings who couldn’t accept Mandrell’s identity joined Arlong’s group, beginning a new life under Tiger’s leadership. In a way, they found a new path.

Meanwhile, Kojiro’s department store also successfully established roots on Fishman Island. Unique products of the Beasts Pirates quickly opened up the market of Fishman Island.

At this moment, some of his products have even become essential supplies for the Merfolk, such as the belt around Rusalka’s waist.

Due to the protection of the bubble film, Fishman Island is devoid of water inside. Since most Merfolk don’t have legs, Bubbly Coral is a necessity on Fishman Island. All Merfolk rely on the bubbles produced by Bubbly Coral for moving around freely.

However, moving at that speed is very slow. So Kojiro applied for a batch of Skypiea’s specialty – Breath Dial.

A regular belt with two Breath Dials became a specially designed propeller for Merfolk. Due to the features of the Breath Dial, as long as it has wind stored, it can be freely used. This is very convenient for Merfolk.

People from Skypiea usually store natural wind, but Fishman Island, being deep under the sea, doesn’t have strong winds. Therefore, Kojiro introduced a bundled consumption model.

If he just kept selling Breath Dials, people would lose interest quickly. So he chose to sell “wind.”

He brought in an air blower. As long as customers made any purchase at his department store, even if it was just spending 50 Berries on a lollipop, they could get free wind charging service.

Fishman Island has over two million Merfolk, with male Merfolk and female Merfolk under 30 years old accounting for over 80%. It can be said that almost every household has a Merfolk family member or relative. While this service doesn’t make money, it brings in significant customer traffic.

After seeing it so often, people started wanting to buy things, and Kojiro thus opened up his own market.

Skypiea’s Breath Dials aren’t rare, and Fishman Island isn’t difficult to reach. Still, Beasts Pirates are the first to transport Skypiea goods to Fishman Island for sale.

At first, many people were hesitant to come here, and some even resisted the idea. However, Otohime was the first to visit the department store, creating a celebrity effect for Kojiro by endorsing it for free.

Her biggest hope was for equal interaction between humans, Fish-Men and Merfolk. Kojiro may be making money, but to Otohime, it’s a small step for Merfolk and Fish-Men to accept humans, hence why she helped him with such matters.

With Kojiro’s department store successfully establishing roots, more people willing to listen to her speeches emerged.

The store’s employees are humans, and they have proven to Fishman Island that not everyone is scum. There are people among the humans who don’t reject Fish-Men and Merfolk.

However, where there are those who accept, there are also those who don’t. Some radicals find Kojiro’s department store extremely unpleasant. These humans settling in Fishman Island have caused significant discontent among them, so they are currently planning on how to drive them away.

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