OPTM-Chapter 331 Vegapunk’s Little Discovery

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After a series of intense discussions and brainstorming, it was already midnight when Vegapunk returned with a bound volume of testing data weighing a hefty 4 kilograms. He placed it on the table, emitting a resonant “thud,” effectively conveying the message to Rowen that “knowledge is power.”

“The painted pole is made of a special alloy, providing acid resistance, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature protection. The crescent blades on the sides and the tip of the halberd are mixed with Sea Stone powder, which can reduce wear and tear caused by prolonged electrification to some extent, keeping them sharp.”

“As for the specific data on hardness, toughness, etc., even if you read it, you might not understand. Let me give you an analogy… Among all the materials known to me in the world, only Sea Stone can be compared to it. You can fight with confidence!”

The term “known to me” not only included various alloys and minerals known throughout the world but also encompassed the “cutting-edge technology” materials that the genius scientist Vegapunk himself knew and understood, putting him ahead of the world by five centuries.

“This weapon is even more formidable than those Saijō Ō Wazamono swords! Both in terms of sharpness and other aspects!”

“How about it? Are you satisfied?”

After saying this, Vegapunk crossed his legs and activated his “Study Tyrant” aura, and basking in Rowen’s admiring gaze.

“Satisfied! I am naturally satisfied!”

Rowen touched the slightly rough-painted pole of the halberd, then turned to Vegapunk and said in a solemn tone.

“Thank you, Mr. Vegapunk!”

“You’re welcome. For scientists, it’s also a fascinating research project. Besides, I’ve gained more than you might imagine. You don’t need to thank me.”

Having said that, Vegapunk frowned slightly and asked, “But Vice Admiral Rowen, I remember you’ve always used swords before, right? Will you be comfortable switching to a Kano Country-style halberd all of a sudden?”

This was the second time Rowen had heard this question.

Indeed, for someone accustomed to using a certain type of weapon, it was inevitable to feel uncomfortable when switching to another. Even for the same type of weapon, there would never be an exact match. Different weights and feels require time to adapt and harmonize, to avoid compromising combat effectiveness.

Vegapunk believed that with Rowen’s intelligence, he couldn’t possibly fail to realize this. Therefore, like Zephyr, he was very curious about the purpose behind Rowen’s decision.

“Mr. Vegapunk also thinks I’m a swordsman?”

“Naturally not!”

To call Rowen a swordsman would be an insult to Swordsmans all over the world!

While Vegapunk didn’t possess much combat strength himself, his insight was no weaker than that of Top Level experts.

“Exactly, not only am I not a swordsman, I don’t have any proficiency in weapons at all!”

“Then you…”

Vegapunk frowned slightly, seeming to have grasped something crucial.

To this, Rowen explained with a slight smile, “For me, the utility of a weapon is merely a means to better utilize the power I possess.”

“The attack methods of a single-edged sword are limited, and while it may be suitable for a swordsman devoted solely to swordsmanship, for someone like me who sees it as just one of many combat tools, it seems too simplistic and straightforward.”

Vegapunk suddenly realized!

They had indeed been in the wrong mindset.

First of all, Rowen wasn’t a swordsman; he didn’t possess an unwavering sword heart. To him, any weapon was the same. It was only a matter of whether it was useful and wieldy.

Secondly, for Rowen, the Thunder Cloud Sword was just a weapon that made it more convenient for him to fight. If he was going to switch weapons, it naturally had to be something more versatile.

And a Kano Country-style halberd, with its wide array of attack styles, such as thrusting, slashing, hacking, cleaving, slicing, hooking, parrying, riposting, gouging, battering, flipping, thrusting, jabbing, and chopping, combined with the weapon lock formed by the twin crescents, had an even greater restraining effect on most swordsmen.

Based on Rowen’s “practical” philosophy, choosing the halberd didn’t feel out of place at all; it was only natural.

“I see!”

Vegapunk understood, exclaiming, “You’re truly different, Vice Admiral Rowen!”

Accustomed to seeing those who regarded Swordsmanship as their life, including the Vice Admirals at the Headquarters, Rowen’s perspective, which saw weapons merely as a means to utilize power, was at odds with the majority of the world.

However, it was precisely because of this that Rowen’s true nature shone through! He didn’t pursue or desire anything from the perspective of those below him. Power was power, and he was the strong one. This overbearing, self-centered belief was his true essence!

“Alright, I understand…”

Vegapunk slightly nodded and took out a small booklet from his pocket. “This is a little something I researched from the Thunder Cloud Sword Dragon pattern. Take it and give it a try. With your Thunder-Lightning Human physique, you might find something different.”


Three days later, Marineford, the abandoned Drilling Square.

Zephyr took off his upper garment, his face dark and serious. The knotted muscles on his body rose and fell with each breath, exuding an imposing aura akin to a tiger. His stern gaze was locked onto the figure in front of him, a look of solemnity

“This bastard, he really wants to kill me!” With a cold snort, Zephyr clenched his remaining fist tightly, a dark aura covering his arm.


The intense tremor caused the air to emit a sharp wail. Faced with the terrifying halberd slashing down towards him, Zephyr took a step forward and punched upwards.

Military Wrist · Deep Gate!

Zi Zi… Bang!!

In the instant of contact, half of the Drilling Square instantly turned into rubble!

Tons of enormous stones disintegrated in the raging thunder, leaving behind a terrifying crater.


A figure emerged from the smoke and Zephyr’s arm trembling slightly. Narrow, long bloodstains dripped from his wrist to his fingertips, splattering onto the ground like blossoming blood flowers.

However, at this moment, a sharp electric surge followed. Rowen, wielding the thunder halberd, suddenly appeared at his side, his eyes sparkling with blue electric light, and he swung it horizontally!


Zephyr quickly crouched down, narrowly evading the deadly swing. The extended arc of blue lightning soared into the sky, detonating and obliterating even the clouds.

But at this moment, another surge of Killing Intent emerged almost without a gap at his side.

“What?! What kind of speed is this?!”

Before he could be astonished, or even deploy Busoshoku Haki (Armament Haki) for defense, the dazzling white meteor spears struck his chest causing Zephyr to spit out a mouthful of blood and he was even sent flying backward.



Suddenly, a figure appeared behind him. Like swatting a fly, Rowen waved his hand to deflect the incoming exploding meteor, then clamped onto Zephyr’s body. In the next moment, using Geppo, he leaped away from the spot.

Bang… Roar!!

As the Thunderlight dissipated, the two of them were back on the remaining half of the Drilling Square. There was now a centimeter-deep, charred hole in Zephyr’s chest, narrowly avoiding piercing his heart.

Kneeling on one knee, it took Zephyr a while to catch his breath.

Looking at Rowen, who stood by his side like a god, holding the Thunderlight-shrouded thunder halberd with an expression as calm as a deity, Zephyr wore a bitter smile on his face.

“You’ve won, Rowen.”

After a day of fierce battle, with powerful moves continuously unleashed, he had ultimately lost.

Now, Rowen not only had higher combat strength than him but also far surpassed what an ordinary person could imagine in terms of control. After a day of battle, aside from the abandoned Drilling Square, an area within a radius of two to three kilometers, which was completely devastated, there were traces of destruction anywhere in the vicinity.

They were either from Rowen or from himself.

In the end, this disciple had come this far. There was nothing more he could teach him.

Zi Zi Zi!

A faint electric current spread out as Rowen exited his Overload Form, his face showing a lively expression. Hearing Zephyr’s somewhat relieved bitter smile, he awkwardly scratched the back of his head.

“I am still far from it, Sensei.”

“If you were a few years younger, I wouldn’t have been able to send you flying like that.”

Garp and Zephyr were both seasoned Admirals with formidable hand-to-hand combat skills. Rowen deeply understood just how powerful their Busoshoku Haki (Armament Haki) was. Before, even breaking their defenses with the Thunder Cloud Sword was a challenging feat.

If it weren’t for Zephyr’s aging body, coupled with constant hidden injuries and asthma, replacing him with Garp, that vertical strike just now would likely have been directly met head-on. He wouldn’t have given Rowen the opportunity to follow up and attack.

“But a loss is still a loss!”

Zephyr glared at him with a touch of annoyance, using Life Return to control the injury on his chest, then stood up.

“Starting from today, I officially declare you graduated!”

Rowen remained silent for three seconds, then asked, “Haven’t I already graduated for several years now?”

Zephyr: “…”

(End of this chapter)

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