Chapter 228 Destruction of Ginyu Force (Teaser)

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“So fast, and so strong, this human’s Battle Power is definitely above 150,000. If I can get his body, my strength will definitely be able to advance by leaps and bounds!”

Captain Ginyu looked at Xiaya and schemed in his heart. The more he thought about it the more his eyes shone. He intuitively felt that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and his heart couldn’t help but become agitated. He was not the slightest bit sad because of his teammate’s sacrifice.

But Recoom on the side couldn’t stand his teammates death. He shouted loudly towards Guldo, “Guldo, let’s attack together; you should seize an opportunity to launch your ability!”

After that, he roared towards Xiaya and attacked. While Guldo changed his approach and looked for an opportunity to attack.

“Courting death!” Xiaya said with an indifferent and flat voice. His eyes flashed with a profound light, and then his body moved. Leaving behind few blurry afterimages, his real body had already arrived before Recoom.


Guldo shouted with excitement, and the four eyes on his head abruptly widened. Suddenly, the time within the range of few kilometers stopped.

Everything was still, the sand swirling up stopped in the air, and the several afterimages also froze like a substance. Recoom who was brandishing his fist was also motionless.

“Hehe, in my time domain, no one can beat me!” Guldo said excitedly, his obese body trotted over and soon arrived before Xiaya.

Guldo had the best ability in the Ginyu Force, and his ability was Time Stop. His mysterious and rare ability made him successful in everything. Even if he had only over 10,000 Battle Power, he was qualified to be included in the Ginyu Force. In his journey of fighting, who knows how many experts had died under his ability!

Puchi, an energy blade pierced Xiaya’s heart


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