Chapter 310 World Martial Arts Tournament (Teaser)

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Meanwhile, on a planet far away in the North Area, a man dressed as a swordsman was sitting erect on a rock. He was hugging his knees, with a long sword strapped to his back.

He was one of Zangya’s three companions who came to the North Area to find Boss Bojack’s sealed place—Swordsman Kogu.

He had already been in the North Area for some time. With his powerful strength, he had traveled to a lot of planets. Even Abo and Kado, who were in charge of the former Frieza Forces, gave way to him in the face of his superior strength and didn’t dare to offend him. But even after such a long time had passed, he had not found clues about the place where Boss Bojack was sealed, making him very disappointed.

“Bujin, I still haven’t found any clue about boss on this side!” Kogu contacted his companion with a communicator.

“I am the same here, I have already turned the West Area upside down, but there has still been no result! I just contacted Bido, and there is no clue in the South Area too!” Bujin communicated back.

“Are we looking in the wrong direction?” Kogu asked.

“What?” Bujin questioned.


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