Chapter 294 *Hidden* (Teaser)

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The next day, sky was hazy…

Early in the morning, Myers began to bang on the door to Xiaya and Xiling’s room; her actions were rude and unbearable. “What are you doing?” Xiaya put on his pajamas and unhappily asked.

“I am looking for Xiling to go training!”

Myers was straightforward as she directly entered the room and went to the bedside, but after seeing Xiling’s half-naked body huddled into the bed sheet with her black hair a little messy, Myers’ pretty face turned red. She suddenly thought of something before beating a hasty exit; as she passed by Xiaya, she glared daggers at him with her pair of big eyes.

The next few days passed as usual, with Xiaya and Xiling living an indulgent life, as they passed the days licentiously.

However, one fateful night, something which had long been premeditated broke their tranquillity.

At night…

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