Chapter 291 *Hidden* (Teaser)

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In the vast starry sky, Xiaya glanced at the negligible starlight at the end of his line of sight, and then, he slightly nodded and snapped his fingers. Suddenly, a colorful ray of light soared upwards; the brilliant colors were dazzling like fireworks. Xiaya stepped forward and instantly entered into a tunnel formed from colorful rays.

There was no front and back, and no time and space here. Various kinds of sparkling lights were flashing, like a silk ribbon and a roll of film; this was an indescribable space located outside space-time.

Xiaya looked around the surroundings. Opening the space-time tunnel was rapidly consuming his physical strength. Xiaya passed through the colorful tunnel. Suddenly, three huge deep-blue space appeared in front of him, and in each space, there were twelve huge transparent “water-polo” balls floating. The “water-polo” balls sparkled with a vast array of colors, and paired in groups of two, they formed 6 groups amidst the deep blue space, exquisitely balanced.

It was just like the scene that Xiaya saw from a very high position when he had his potential unlocked by the Great Elder on Planet Namek.

“The three blue spaces are three different multiverses,” Xiaya muttered to himself as the corners of his mouth curled into an arc, and then, he flew towards the world which resonated with him.


As if piercing through a bubble, Xiaya re-entered his multiverse. Since he had time-traveled from Universe 7, he directly appeared in Universe 7’s starry sky.


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