Chapter 281 *Hidden* (Teaser)

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“Let me do it,” Xiaya said as he stepped forward and lightly rubbed his fingers; a bright Energy wave shot out.


A hole was forcibly opened at the entrance of the cave, revealing a small corridor inside. As it had been neglected for years, it was messy inside the base. The various kinds of equipment were scattered on the ground as if a storm had passed through here.

Previously Bulma had gotten the blueprints of Android 17 and 18 from here.

“Let’s go in!” Xiaya looked back and called out to everyone, then took the lead and entered. Soon after that, in a remote corner of the base, he found another path leading to the lower level of the base.

Everyone climbed down.

Inside, computers were still making “buzz” “buzz” sounds. The colorful indicator lights were blinking, and in a container filled with a green solution, an infant-sized green cicada-like creature was curled up and floating inside. It was releasing bubbles.

“This is that dangerous Android?” Blonde Launch approached the incubator and stared at it curiously.

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