Chapter 277 *Hidden*(Teaser)

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“Goku’s friend? Oh, so it is Yajirobe. This guy is extremely lucky to be able to live till now.” 18 was beaming. She licked her lips and grinned like a demon.

Yajirobe was first startled and quickly awoke from his drunken stupor after seeing the suddenly appearing Androids, but then, he laughed. Suddenly, he was not afraid of the past anymore.

Coming across the Androids, he knew that he could no longer escape, “Running away for so long, I’ve gotten tired. I really don’t want to escape anymore.” There were tears in his eyes, and lumps had almost formed in his disheveled and split hair due to filth. Yajirobe suddenly found that he had unexpectedly been in such a bad condition for so long.

“You have destroyed Earth to such an extent… are you very happy?” Yajirobe said as he threw down the alcohol bottle.


The glass shattered and alcohol splashed on the ground. A cold light beam flashed by and soared like a lightning ray as Yajirobe pulled out the large sword at his waist and slashed at 18.

A finger collided with the sword…


Yajirobe’s attack was blocked.

18 casually extended two of her fingers, with an expression which looked like a smile and yet not a smile, and she playfully caught Yajirobe’s sword which was quickly and violently chopping down between her two fingers; her frosty face emitted a chill. She coldly smiled, and her fingers suddenly exerted force, causing Yajirobe to uncontrollably fly away. He landed on the ground, sliding for more than a dozen meters before stopping. 18 flung her arm and coldly walked forward.

Cough! Cough!


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