Chapter 268 *Hidden* (Teaser)

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After that, Xiaya and Bulma continued to fly over the ocean for a little while before they finally found Dr. Tokunoshin Omori’s small island where he lived in seclusion. It was in the midst of a rocky sea area.

Because it had been neglected for years due to the absence of people, the small island had become deserted.

Landing the aircraft at the edge of the island reef, what came into their view was the sight of overgrown bushes. The path paved with slabs was fully covered with moss, and the road could almost not be distinguished. After entering deep into the island, they discovered several flat-roofed and short cabins. The surrounding area had been covered with vines; the green slender vines were growing along the walls. The layers upon layers of leaves were intertwined, as if they were wrapped in a layer of green clothes. It was just like a paradise.

“It seems no one has come here for decades. I wonder if the doctor’s data is still preserved.” Bulma swept her eyes to the surroundings, sounding relieved.

“Let’s have a look!” Xiaya frowned.

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