Chapter 266 Different world’s Bulma (Teaser)

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At the same time, on an island surrounded by sea…

Korin stood on the shore while leaning on a cane, watching the waves in the sea splashing against a reef. On the island, which wasn’t large, several hundred boys and girls were seriously training.

“Master Roshi, did you sense it? Gohan’s Ki has been restored!”

Korin sounded pleasantly surprised. Just a few minutes ago, Gohan’s aura, which had been as negligible as the light of a firefly, suddenly became stronger again.

Master Roshi was also pleasantly surprised. His grey beard curled upward along with the wind as he said excitedly, “Yes, Gohan’s Ki has been restored, and Trunks’ Ki has also been restored.” Of course, they also sensed that besides Gohan and Trunks, there was also another Ki which was very strong.

They had never before felt such a strong Ki, and even Goku and Vegeta’s Ki, at their prime, was inferior to it.

“Such an incomparably deep yet domineering aura; is this the aura of a Golden Flame Warrior? But when did such a strong expert appear on Earth? Will this expert be a friend or a foe!” Korin muttered, his voice containing inexplicably complicated emotions. As he thought of those days when the Saiyans invaded earth, he was really doubtful whether this Saiyan would be good or evil.

“It’s definitely a Golden Flame Warrior. Then, are there other Saiyans on earth?”

Master Roshi heaved a long sigh and agreed with Korin’s point of view. “But no matter what, at least Gohan isn’t in danger anymore; but from that deep and upright aura, at least we can sense that this Saiyan is not evil. ”

“That’s enough!” Master Roshi was excited.

As he saw it, the emergence of this mysterious Saiyan had more or less brought some variable to this fight which they seemingly had no chance of winning. Furthermore, Gohan became strong again right after this aura appeared. Gohan’s, Trunks’, and that mysterious person’s aura had been together for so long without any signs of battle; from this, Master Roshi and Korin guessed that they were probably conversing. It was like a dream!

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