Chapter 259 *Hidden* (Teaser)

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“Xiaya, what are you doing?” Xiling sensed the energy rising behind her and asked, her expression changing drastically.

Xiaya calmly said, “Instant Transmission cannot be used now, so I will try to push you both out before the star explodes.”

If a shock wave could not be reflected, it would be difficult to push anything; this means that, in the universe, it is very difficult to simply rely on an energy wave to push something in reverse. Even if he aimed the energy wave at a planet, it would cause the planet to explode, and the pushing force that would be generated from it would not allow them to escape from the black hole’s range!

“No, you can’t do this!” Xiling shouted with a heart-rending cry, her eyes turning red.

“There is no other way,” Xiaya said with resolution. Not waiting for their response, majestic energy gushed out from his hand, submerging Xiling and Myers.


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