Chapter 252 Taking the initiative to attack (Teaser)

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It seemed that the ill-fated relationship between the Saiyans and the Frost Demon race had begin ever since the first Super Saiyan, Bardock, killed the space pirate Chilled in ancient times. No matter whether it was the conflict between Planet Vegeta and Frieza, or now between Planet Hongshan and King Davidow, all these different kinds of entanglements were difficult to sever.

It seemed that only when either the Saiyan race or Frost Demon race gets completely eradicated will the relationship between the two be eliminated thoroughly.

“Jaco, you know his current location, right?” Xiaya asked Jaco.

Although the actual strength of the Galactic Patrol organization was not necessarily much strong, their monitoring ability, however, was one of the best. Xiaya was sure that they have the location of King Davidow’s spaceship.

Jaco’s golden eyes stared at Xiaya, and then he raised his voice in disbelief, “Hey, are you really planning to stop King Davidow? Didn’t you hear me telling you that he was quite powerful?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Just give us the location of King Davidow’s spaceship.” Myers approached Jaco and patted his shoulder.

“Oh, fine then. This is what you asked for.” Jaco nodded helplessly and then went to his spaceship to fetch the data from the computer.

“Right now, King Davidow’s spaceship is a month’s time away from Planet Hongshan, and it will pass through the territory of Delan star in a while,” Jaco reported Davidow’s location, but he still does not recommend directly confronting King Davidow. In his view, it will anyways take one month for King Davidow to arrive on Planet Hongshan. It is still not too late to start evacuating now.

“Delan star?”


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