Chapter 249 Tights’ request (Teaser)

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Returning to his villa, he opened the door and saw that the huge villa was spotless. Even though more than a year had passed, there was no dust. This was thanks to a hemisphere-shaped cleaning robot which frequently did the cleaning.

“Feidaya people’s cleaning robot is really useful!”

Xiaya smiled and opened the window to let in some fresh air into the room. The gentle breeze brought along the smell of the sea. Although it was a sea breeze, there were no traces of the sea’s fishy smell in the breeze. Instead, it felt cool and comfortable.

Xiaya didn’t plan to stay on earth for long. After looking at the villa’s condition, he was ready to go back, but at that time, the roar of an airplane’s engine came from far away in the sky. In this remote peninsula city, airplanes were still seldomly seen.

The roaring sound arrived from far away, and soon it was above Xiaya’s villa. Followed by a warm cyclone, the airplane stopped in mid-air.

Looking up, Xiaya saw three concentric circles logo emblazoned on the airplane.

That was the logo of the Capsule Corporation.



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