Chapter 247 *Hidden* (Teaser)

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In another place of the universe, West Area, King Davidow’s Planet.

It was a cold world where the temperature was minus ten degrees throughout the year. Compared to the bone-piercing cold winds outside, the inside of King Davidow’s ice and snow palace was even more severely cold and terrifying.

“Crash!” The sound of the wine glass falling on the ground resounded in the palace. King Davidow’s face was cold, and his whole body emitted a dark and icy aura. “Damn Planet Hongshan. To think that this king’s son would die there! Luther, how strong were they to have killed you!” King Davidow said angrily.

“Your Majesty, besides the news regarding Sir Luther, this subordinate here also has some news regarding the North Area,” Seeing that King Davidow was angry, an alien with a fin-head said in fear and trepidation.

“Speak!” King Davidow glanced over. It was as if he was cherishing his words like they were gold.

“According to the latest information received from the people in the North Area, after Cooler, Frieza and King Cold were also attacked by a mysterious expert, and have been killed.”

“What!” King Davidow’s countenance changed. He abruptly stood up, and said with his mood fluctuating, “Even Frieza and King Cold are dead?”



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