Chapter 245 *Hidden* (Teaser)

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“Ha ha ha! Even with my full strength attack, it can at most only penetrate five meters into the ground, and it is not effective further down. The transformation by the dragon balls is really amazing!” After seeing the effect of the dragon balls transformation on Planet Hongshan, Adri laughed heartily.

“Let me try!”

Xiaya was also somewhat expectant. After he spoke, he transformed into Super Saiyan; the vigorous and vast imposing aura instantly caused the whole planet to tremble. However, this state lasted for less than a second, and then the whole planet became calm again. It seemed to have absorbed the pressure. Under the working of the planet’s core, Planet Hongshan was somewhat stronger.


He formed a sparkling and shiny energy wave within his hand and then immediately threw it out. The sparkling and shiny energy wave moved swiftly through the sky, leaving behind a white afterimage.


As the ground shook violently, a dark-orange mushroom cloud rose a kilometer away.

After the fierce wind dispersed, Xiaya stared at the ground, but he only saw an impact crater less than ten meters in diameter, and depth less than four meters, which was worse than what Adri created. This, of course, did not mean that Xiaya’s energy wave was not as strong as Adri’s, but that the inside of Planet Hongshan had strengthened by a lot in just a few seconds. Moreover, Xiaya also discovered that the more powerful the attack, the stronger Planet Hongshan’s ability to resist would be.

In order to test his speculation, Xiaya continued to manipulate energy and attack, and for a time, the wind fiercely rose, lightning flashed and thunder rolled. After continuously attacking for a period of time, he got the results he wanted.



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