Chapter 241 Female Super Saiyan (Teaser)

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When had he ever been beaten like this; even when fighting with King Davidow, he was evenly matched against him, and was absolutely not attacked one-sidedly!

“Ahhhh, hateful Super Saiyan!”

King Cold glared, veins bulging out on his forehead, and the sinful dark aura seemed to have gone out of control as it kept surging out. Right now, King Cold had lost his previous elegance and confidence and had become like a rabid dog, raging.


King Cold suddenly erupted, and a sun rose with him as the core; his muscles instantly swelled, and his three meters tall physique immediately became very sturdy.

Xiaya looked on with a grave expression. As King Cold’s change was completed, he shook his head and faintly smiled. “Stupid guy, although you seems to have become a lot stronger, your advantage of speed is lost. You are even more likely to lose if you are only thinking of pursuing after strength.”

In a fight, whether it was speed, defense, explosive power, ability to judge or attack power, they are all crucial. If an originally completely balanced body especially pursues after the improvement of one particular trait, it will inevitably lead to the loss of several other traits. If there was a priority for eliminating the essential factors, then speed and the ability to judge would undoubtedly be of paramount importance. Although King Cold had now gained a more powerful attacking power, he had undoubtedly lost speed and the ability to judge by a lot.

If King Cold could remain calm and think hard, it was not certain that he wouldn’t have any hope of winning.

Xiaya knew that he was getting closer and closer to victory.




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