Chapter 229 Universe King Frieza (Teaser)

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Xiaya stood at the former orbit of Planet Vegeta and stared for a while. The dark red planet in his memories had now already disappeared. It gave a kind of ‘the scenery remains unchanged but the people are gone’ feeling, making people feel sad. Heaving a sigh, he turned around and disappeared. He would have to find the location of Frieza’s headquarters.

Frieza’s headquarters was located somewhere in the southern part of the North Area. It was a technologically-transformed enormous planet. Rather than saying that it was a planet, it would be more appropriate to say that it was a moving space fortress; because it could constantly change its position, Frieza’s headquarters location is always changing.

The coordinates known during Planet Vegeta’s time were definitely no longer of any use, so in order to find out where Frieza’s current headquarters was, Xiaya first had to start from some important subordinates of Frieza and get the location of Frieza headquarters from them.

Unfortunately, he didn’t obtain any useful information from the Ginyu Force before, and Frieza’s real-time location was also not found in their spaceship! However, Xiaya wasn’t bothered by it. Ginyu Force is busy fighting outside all year round, it was normal to not know the real-time position of Frieza. So, he continued to search throughout the North Area.

His next target was Frieza’s first Corp. As Frieza’s most skilled corp, their individual fighting force may not reach the level of Ginyu Force, but they had quite an impressive group advantage, and Frieza heavily relied upon them. Therefore, they were often assigned by Frieza to carry out some short-duration and large-scale missions. He could definitely obtain Frieza’s position from them.


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