Chapter 226 It’s revenge time (Teaser)

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Just as Captain Ginyu and his team discovered the ten high energy signals, in a huge galaxy in the universe, which was located outside the habitable zone and in the middle of a asteroid belt.

Several hundred thousand meters irregular asteroids were gathered here. Under the sunlight shining down, the surface which was exposed to the sun looks grayish and shiny. At this time, two light golden beams were moving at a high speed in the asteroid belt. They would occasionally briefly collide with each other before quickly separating, and occasionally also intertwine for a round, as an earth-shaking energy explosion erupted out.

The frightening and tremendous force which was as if a universe was being born, caused the asteroid belt to become even more chaotic. The disorderly meteorites, without any regular pattern, collided against each other. Then, broke into several even more tiny meteorites.

Suddenly, the two golden rays stopped in the space.

A brief standstill, so as to prepare for the next eruption. Sure enough, after a little while, the two golden rays once again began to fight another round. The numerous and chaotic energies gradually influenced the moving trajectory of several faraway planets.

“Meiling, my next attack will be the last. Be careful.” A voice was transmitted from the earbuds of soybean-sized earphones, and then both hands began to gather a light blue energy wave.

“Spiral Energy Wave!”

With a loud shout, two bright-blue energy waves intertwined. Their appearance had a striking resemblance to fried dough twist as they shot out from both hands with a whistling sound. The two energy waves were like two flood dragons scrambling to move forward, and the meteorites along the way were like goose feathers as they were obliterated one by one amidst the powerful spiral-shaped energies.

“Come on!” Seeing the energy waves directly rushing towards her, not only was the expression of the opposite long-haired girl not filled with fear, but it instead revealed a crazed expression. Her slender little hand drew a semicircle and then dragged it towards the front as her palms suddenly lit up with glittering splendor.

The girl actually intended to meet the Energy wave with her bare hands.



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