Chapter 222 Help them out (Teaser)

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“So… Gine, I’d like to ask you to pick a few Saiyans with gentle personalities, and go with them to the floating island to help Launch manage the Senzu Beans plantation,” Xiaya voiced his idea to Bardock’s wife, upon arriving at Bardock’s home.

The floating island was located in a higher dimensional space of Planet Hongshan. There was no one on it, so Xiaya intends to find a few Saiyan women as companions for Launch, and the first woman he considered was Bardock’s wife, Gine.

“OK, leave it to me. Oh, by the way, how many people do you need on the floating island?”

Gine nodded in understanding. On Planet Hongshan, she is originally responsible for logistics. The importance of Senzu Beans was also very clear to her. The female Saiyans who were to be picked for the Senzu Beans plantation had to undergo rigorous tests.

“Besides you, select eight more!” Xiaya said after pondering for a bit. Considering the size of the floating island, including Launch, ten people should be enough.

Gine nodded, then she looked at the unruly Blonde-haired Launch, who was standing on the side, and inwardly thought, ‘It seems she is the girl, Launch, that Sir Xiaya spoke about. She has quite a personality.

Blonde-haired Launch’s rude attitude was no big deal in Gine’s eyes. In the universe, Saiyans used to be synonymous with uncivilized and rude. Although it had curbed somewhat after they came to Planet Hongshan, the Saiyans still couldn’t change their “bold and unrestrained” nature.

Blonde-haired Launch’s temper was nothing when compared with a Saiyan’s temper.

“Oh, by the way, where did Bardock go?” Xiaya asked, seeing as he hadn’t seen Bardock for ages.

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