Chapter 219 Killing with decisiveness (Teaser)

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“Planet Leydon is a colonial planet under Frieza Force, and the people from Frieza Corp are deployed here. These people don’t give even me face. If you want to die, I won’t stop you,” Vegeta said coldly.

“Then, forget about it.” Upon hearing that people from Frieza Corp were on the planet, she shook her head like a rattle-drum.

During this time of three months, she had heard about Frieza from Vegeta. The former seemed to be a big shot that rules the entire universe, and Vegeta was one of his subordinates. She also tried to persuade Vegeta to leave with her, or at least he shouldn’t work for this demon again, but Vegeta refused her without hesitation.

“Hey, this is for you!” Tights handed him a stack of photos.

“What are these?”

“Our group photos!” Tights said with a smile.

Vegeta took a look at the photos, and his entire face turned dark. In the pictures, Tights was wrapped around him like a zongzi when he was seriously injured. Tights was making a big V-character sign with her hand while directly facing the camera lens, and there were other embarrassing photos too; a lot of them.

“Sooner or later, I will kill you, woman!” With a cold face, Vegeta received the photo, placed it inside a capsule, then put it into his pocket.

“Then, goodbye!”

He opened the spaceship’s hatch, and the vacuum outside immediately sucked out all the air within the ship. Tights placed both her hands on the side of her mouth and shouted towards Vegeta.

Vegeta, who had a cloak draped over his shoulder, walked to the hatch, raised his hands

—with his back towards her—and bright light rays erupted out of his body; soon, he disappeared into the space.

“This Vegeta has quite a character.”

Tights couldn’t help but smile. However, since he was only eleven years old, Tights did not think much of him, only considering him a child with an odd personality.

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