Chapter 215 Tights traveling (Teaser)

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“4.8 million Battle Power!”

On the side, Xiaya curiously watched them. After the fusion, Xiling and Myers’ combined Battle Power was a little higher than he had expected, but the difference was not much. It was just a little over 8 times Myers Battle Power.

“How is it? My strength?” The just fused girl, Meiling, raised her head proudly, revealing her delicate face that brimmed with a condescending attitude.

“Tsk tsk. Xiling’s and Myers’s personalities have merged!” Xiaya sighed.

Xiling was haughty deep in her bones, and Myers — she was totally a little devil. Xiaya recalled that when he first saw Myers, she was wearing two bracelets strung together with little bells on her hands, acting very arrogant!

So, Meiling’s personality needed some discipline!

“Pa!” He struck the girl’s head with some strength and scolded, “You still haven’t started training after your fusion succeeded? Fusion Technique can only hold out for half an hour!”

Meiling scratched her head, laughed and said to Xiaya, “Then, come and be my sparring partner. With this miss’s latent talent, maybe soon she can break through to Super Saiyan.”

Xiaya glanced at her and said, “I will fight with you in Normal State. Remember, I will not be lenient…” Xiaya was aware that Meiling’s foundation was still lacking for her to transform into Super Saiyan. Only through non-stop fighting could she can gradually increase her strength.

“OK!” After agreeing in a loud voice, Meiling moved back a short distance and adopted a fighting posture, with a serious expression. Facing Xiaya, she did not dare to take him lightly.

Xiaya leisurely smiled and nodded. Then, he walked leisurely towards Meiling. With each step he took, his aura slowly increased. When he arrived before her, his Battle Power had already reached a shocking 5 million!


This was so that he could cater to Meiling’s Battle Power; he didn’t have to use his full strength.

Meiling’s expression became more serious as she gradually entered her peak state. Xiaya smiled faintly and suddenly disappeared from Meiling’s line of sight.

“Oh…” Meiling whispered, seemingly pondering something. Her dark eyes kept turning, looking for the place where Xiaya was.


Xiaya’s figure suddenly appeared by her side, and like a steel claw, his palm rested on the girl’s shoulder. Then, he exerted strength, and the tremendous force sent Meiling flying. Xiaya quickly advanced and arrived by her side before she could land on the ground.

Then, he attacked again.


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