Chapter 213 Confrontation of martial arts (Teaser)

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The martial arts hall of the Martial Immortal, Rade, was very large. The wooden building was partitioned into more than a dozen outdoor training platforms. Furthermore, there were also seven to eight indoor training areas. Currently, there were hundreds of apprentices strengthening their foundation within the martial arts hall.

Xiaya saw that the Battle Power of these apprentices was mostly around five or six hundred. If they were placed on earth, they would be rare martial artists, but in the Martial Immortal Rade’s martial arts hall, they could only be apprentices.

“Planet Metamor’s martial arts system is quite unique.” Xiaya slightly narrowed his eyes. After learning earth’s martial arts, he could tell, at a glance, the differences between Planet Metamor’s and Earth’s martial arts.

If Earth’s martial arts focused on internal training, consolidating the human body into an independent system, and then harmonizing the relationship between man and nature — then Planet Metamor’s martial arts strove for another way to communicate outside the human body from the very beginning, comparing the human body to a magnet, pulling the forces of nature and universe.

It was no wonder Metamorans could develop martial arts like the Fusion Technique; their concept of martial arts has been different from the start.

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