Chapter 197 Super Namekian (Teaser)

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“Hehehe, damn human, you actually made this king waste so much energy.”

Staring at the deep crater of unknown depth beneath him, Slug gasped for air while his dark eyes, like that of a ravenous wolf, flickered with a cold light.

Even though Slug looked like a middle-aged man, he was, in fact, an old man past his prime. If he was an ordinary Namekian, then at this age he wouldn’t even be able to move. The reason he could still fight was thanks to his Super Namekian physique.

But fighting with Xiaya already made his body exhausted.

At this time, Slug felt that something was amiss, the inside of the crater was too quiet like an extinct volcano that had been silent for many years. Normally, there wouldn’t be another possibility for Xiaya to erupt out, but Slug’s intuition of an expert caused his heart to wildly thump. He looked around, having felt an energy approaching him.

“That human is definitely not dead yet!” Slug quietly pondered. He retracted his contemptuous thoughts for Xiaya and cautiously surveyed his surrounding, on guard.




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