Chapter 196 Fighting Slug (Part I) (Teaser)

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After experiencing Slug’s real strength, Xiaya focused and quickly suppressed his battle intent. Now, he had to delay as long as possible so that Xiling can take away all the members of the Guardian Corp from Planet Bahert.

However, this was clearly Xiaya’s wishful thinking. Slug, who was greedy for the Tree of Might’s fruits, had no desire to expend energy on such trivial matters.

Because Slug was aware that Cooler’s army was behind him and he didn’t have much time left; besides he was itching to taste the Tree of Might’s fruits.

He waved his hand, beckoning a subordinate over, and gave him an order: “You, go and finish off that boy, while others should come with me to collect the Tree of Might’s fruits.”

It was a cyan-skinned, crocodile-shaped alien. It had been following Slug for many years and was deeply trusted by him. Its Battle Power was close to 20,000, more than enough to deal with the human in front of him.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The cyan-faced alien responded in a loud voice, then stepped forward, standing between Xiaya and Slug while the other aliens followed Slug and went ahead to pick up the Tree of Might’s fruits.

Xiaya naturally wouldn’t allow them to do what they wants, as he still needed to delay them for a while. Though, he didn’t expect Slug to be so impatient.

Xiaya sighed, he realized that he had underestimated Slug’s greed for the Tree of Might’s fruits and the fear the other had of Cooler. Also, the strength he was currently revealing was perhaps too low, and could not attract Slug’s attention!

How much ability and destructiveness he had will naturally cause the opponent to pay more attention to him. Right now, he can only rely on strength to delay Slug.

After thinking about it, Xiaya flexed his muscles, and with a light shout, a vigorous and boundless imposing aura emanated from him. The aura stirred the surrounding air before turning into Ki waves, whistling in all directions.



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