Chapter 194 I want to arrive in half an hour (Teaser)

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On the other side of the Planet Bahert, Saiyans who had been busy picking the Tree of Might’s fruits came to an abrupt stop when they felt the rising auras of Xiling and Myers.

The earth-shaking auras greatly startled them.

After a long silence, heated discussion suddenly broke out among the crowd.

“These auras belong to Madam Xiling and Madam Myers—so strong…”

“It’s so stifling that I can’t breathe.”

“Amazing! So Saiyans can also become this powerful?! ”

“Their strength is really formidable!”

“Long live!”

Everyone from the Guardian Corps cheered! They all looked elated, and their eyes glowed with a fervent blaze. They had all experienced the destruction of their home planet, Planet Vegeta, so they understood that the current auras of Miss Xiling and Miss Myers were not any weaker than the aura that Frieza emitted back then!

This revelation boosted their confidence and they were hopeful regarding their vengeance!

“Xiling, this child, she always loves to show off…” Rebecca joked, feeling gratified. However, her voice didn’t contain any traces of scolding. Her daughter’s current achievements had completely exceeded her imagination, and there wasn’t any miracle she had not yet seen because of them…


“This time, Xiling and Myers are going to be in limelight!” Alice lowered her head with a few fruits cradled in her arms, as her bright eyes sparkled.

“Xiling has really grown up!”

Lise said in a hoarse voice. Her delicate face was like a young girl’s, without the slightest traces of years. She had seen Xiling grow up little-by-little, but she hadn’t expected Xiling to surpass her so quickly by so much. It was really unimaginable.

Not far away from them, Bardock also looked up, his eyes shining. Suddenly, he had a vision, and fragmented scenes flashed through his minds.


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